Celebrating YOU at You MATTER Fest 2023! Join Us!

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YOU MATTER is more than just a motivational statement. It’s our belief. When people believe they matter and believe their ideas for impacting their community matter, the actions they take—be they big or small—can last well beyond their lifetime. We here at MATTER have the privilege to see this belief lived out every day. From [...]

MATTER 2022 Highlights: A Year of Impact!

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2022 was an amazing year. People came together like never before to support MATTER's mission of launching projects to improve communities. Collaborating with our 450 donors, 75 corporate partners, 48 community partners, and 9,000 incredible volunteers, we impacted 3.2 million people this year!  Here are a few highlights of what we accomplished together: MATTERbox 75 [...]

MATTER Project Updates – May 2022

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Welcome to our monthly update on projects that have launched or will soon be launching at MATTER.  Ukraine Project: Medical Relief Earlier this month we featured Marco DuBois, an ER nurse from Blaine who works at Allina Health's Mercy Hospital - Unity Campus. Marco was preparing to travel to Ukraine with medical supplies from MATTER. He was [...]

Last Call: Rock The Lake, Final Vol.

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SUNDAY, AUGUST 7, 2022 | 3-6 PM | ROCK THE LAKE BOAT-IN BENEFIT CONCERT | BROWN'S BAY, LAKE MINNETONKA In August of 2020, nearly a thousand people boated into Brown's Bay on Lake Minnetonka for MATTER’s first Un-Gala called Rock the Lake. The unique boat-in concert was created to respond to the mounting needs [...]

You Matter Here: Giving Back Provides Purpose and Hope

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This week's blog is written by Lindsey O'Connor who was recently part of a MATTER virtual packing event hosted by her company. Lindsey is a food and beverage trend researcher by day, diving deep into trends in the food world and discovering connections between humans and the foods they consume. In her free time, she’s [...]

Rock The Lake: Your Generosity Brings Hope To Children & Families

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Rock The Lake is returning in 2021! For more details and to get your tickets to this year's benefit concert, please visit: matter.ngo/RockTheLake Last Saturday on the scenic shores of Lake Minnetonka, nearly a thousand Minnesotans came together to Rock The Lake and do good for our community. A flotilla of boats large and small filled one of the lake’s many bays as the high-energy band, Hairball, entertained [...]

Using Surplus For Good: 200,000+ Target Baby Kits Reach Parents

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When Target recently found themselves with surplus product leftover from a 2019 sales campaign, they had a couple of options for what to do with these items. They could dump the more than 200,000 baby kits filled with diapers, wipes, pacifiers, lotions, and other essential baby needs into a landfill to rot and decay, or they could find a way to get the kits [...]

Engaging Employees: Volunteering Virtually During A Pandemic

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In recent years, more and more companies have recognized the benefits of giving back to their communities by providing employees with opportunities to volunteer. Not only does it make their brand more recognizable in the communities in which they work, but it also makes for happier employees. Regarding a recent survey on the importance of workplace volunteerism, businessnewsdaily.com noted,  “The research revealed that employers that encourage and promote [...]

Jeannie Burns Buckner: Making A Difference When It Matters

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Though 2020 has been a tough year, it’s also provided MATTERnation with some amazing opportunities to step up in new and creative ways to reach out to our neighbors, to rebuild communities and to help those on the margins of society. There’s no better example of someone making the most of these opportunities than one of MATTERnation’s most ardent supporters and partners, Jeannie Burns Buckner.   As a mother and grandmother, Jeannie is a passionate advocate for the healthcare needs of women and children around the world. After helping [...]

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