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Employee engagement is a crucial aspect of business success and critical for fostering a positive culture for many companies today. Studies show that an engaged workforce leads to increased productivity, increased employee retention, and strengthened job satisfaction. One proven way to increase employee engagement is through volunteer activities sponsored by the company. MATTER works with companies of all sizes to create fun and easy MATTERbox events for their employees.

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What are MATTER Employee Engagement Events?

MATTER’s employee engagement events are flexible. They can be tailor-made to meet a company’s unique needs. You can launch your employee engagement in two ways — a MATTERbox Food Packing Experience or a Medical Relief Kit Packing Experience.

MATTERbox Volunteer Packing Events

Where Do Events Take Place?

Whether employees work in-office, remote or a little of both, the MATTER team can design in-person, hybrid or virtual events that will unite the workforce behind a common purpose: to help improve communities here and around the world.

MATTERbox Food Packing Experience

With our MATTERbox Volunteer Kits your team can pack beneficial snacks packs and have an impact on hungry children in our communities. The MATTER team can help you plan an in-person, hybrid and/or virtual packing event, either company-wide or with just a few teams. Kits can be shipped directly to your company, to an alternative packing location, or to individual employees, or you can pack at MATTER if you are in the Twin Cities area. Once assembled, your team can donate the snack packs to a community organization of their choosing or return them to MATTER (if local) and we will donate them to our community partners. This is a fun and easy way to engage employees while doing good for your community!

Medical Relief Kit Packing Experience

The Medical Relief Kit Packing Experience is an opportunity for your team to help increase access to dignified healthcare and save lives. The kits you pack will be sent out on medical mission trips and project shipments to some of the hardest to reach places in the world where aid is needed. This engaging team-building experience produces a huge impact. Together we can show each person that they matter.

Launch Your Employee Engagement Event

Ready to launch your employee engagement event through a MATTERbox Packing Event or Medical Relief Kit Packing Event? Tell us more about your idea and we will get right back to you to help you plan your event!

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