Luol Deng Receives National Civil Rights Museum Sports Legacy Award

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MATTER Pro partner, Luol Deng, received the prestigious National Civil Rights Museum Sports Legacy Award on Monday, January 16, 2023, as part of the NBA’s 21st Annual Martin Luther King Jr. Day Celebration Game in Memphis, Tennessee. The award recognizes athletes who have used their success in sports as a vehicle to advance civil rights, [...]

MATTER 2022 Highlights: A Year of Impact!

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2022 was an amazing year. People came together like never before to support MATTER's mission of launching projects to improve communities. Collaborating with our 450 donors, 75 corporate partners, 48 community partners, and 9,000 incredible volunteers, we impacted 3.2 million people this year!  Here are a few highlights of what we accomplished together: MATTERbox 75 [...]

Chaya Co-ops: Connecting Women, Improving Health, Growing a Future

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We are currently in the next phase of our Chaya Project in Zimbabwe, raising $50,000 to establish ten women’s farming cooperatives throughout the country. The goal of these co-ops is to train the women on how to grow, propagate and cook Chaya to improve their families’ health and nutrition. The long-term plan is to show [...]

Transforming Education & Changing Lives: Innovation Hub Update

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MATTER Innovation Hub Update What a difference a year makes. A year ago, I arrived with my family in Zimbabwe because MATTER made the decision to invest in accelerating the Innovation Hub program- not just cheerlead the program from the sidelines 8,000 miles away in Minneapolis, but engage to push forward the idea that student-centric [...]

Growing Chaya and Community: Sandi Young’s You Matter Story

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On this Give to the Max Day, we’re kicking off the next phase of our Chaya campaign in Zimbabwe aimed at empowering women to feed their families, through growing Chaya and community. Our goal is to raise $50,000 toward the establishment of ten women’s farm co-ops around the country. The $5,000 per site cost includes [...]

MATTERbox Update: Grateful For Our Partners & Volunteers

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MATTERbox Update As another year winds down, our MATTERbox team has been reflecting on all the good that has been accomplished this year through collaboration with our incredible partners. We are so very grateful for our corporate partners, our community partners and our amazing volunteers who give so generously of their time, effort, and resources [...]

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