2021 MATTERbox Madness: Tradition Capital Bank Champion | Trimble Wins Team Spirit Award

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MATTER's seventh annual MATTERbox Madness is in the books! With twelve generous companies participating in the virtual competition this year, nearly 12,000 MATTERbox snack packs were packed, launching us toward our goal of providing 50,000 healthy meals for children this summer. Though COVID changed how MATTERbox Madness looked this year, it didn’t spoil the fun [...]

National Volunteer Month: Thanking Doers For Making The World Better!

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MATTER is a group of problem solvers, innovators, dreamers, and above all, Doers. We're not content to sit around wishing the world was a better place, we work to make it one. And we do so with the support of an amazing community of volunteers. This small army of faithful Doers wants to see more [...]

Healthy Snack Packs Build Relationships In Brooklyn Park

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“The families I come into contact with were struggling to put food on the table when the economy was good. With COVID now, things are so much harder for them. Many of the parents are not working anymore or their hours have been cut in half and their problems have multiplied. It just breaks my [...]

MATTERbox Madness Sponsor Spotlight: Buddy Fruits Donates 50,000 Fruit Pouches

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Traditionally, the summer months are hard on families suffering from food insecurity. Relying upon school meal programs for their children during the school year, they often struggle to feed their kids once the school year ends. Unfortunately, this summer is expected to be even harder on these families who have been hit extra hard by [...]

Virtual Volunteering: What Is It and How Can I Volunteer?

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What Is Virtual Volunteering? The idea of 'virtual volunteering' has become more popular with the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. Also called 'digital volunteering', 'online volunteering' or 'cyber volunteering', volunteering this way is a virtual opportunity that's been around since the rise of the Internet in the 1990s but hasn't really taken hold [...]

Healthy Food: Corporate Partners Come Alongside Community With MATTERbox

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Food insecurity has been a growing problem for many Minnesota families in recent years but with the economic fallout from the pandemic, the crisis is now greater than ever. According to a report from 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic was expected to create a hunger crisis affecting over 700,000 Minnesotans in a situation “reportedly not seen [...]

Student-Centered Learning: Malayaka House + Innovation Hub

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Like most teenagers, Danny and Bobo live busy lives filled with school, sports, friends and family. At fifteen and seventeen, they're beginning to think about their futures and what they want to do when they grow up. Danny is dreaming of a career in computer engineering, while Bobo has his sights set on mechanical engineering. [...]

Medical Supplies Bring Hope & Opportunity: Partnering With GoodJustice

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GoodJustice is dedicated to bringing hope and opportunity to marginalized communities around the world. Started by Jeff Ryal over 12 years ago, it was a life-changing mission trip to Peru eight years earlier that planted the seeds for its founding. The trip opened Jeff's eyes to the vicious cycle of poverty that entraps so many [...]

Making Sustainability Sustainable: MATTER 360 Saved 1.5 Million Pounds From Landfills In 2020

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The MATTER 360 Initiative was born out of MATTER's dual commitment to help people and be good stewards of our environment. By repurposing medical equipment and supplies for use in hospitals and clinics around the world, we help to improve healthcare in low resource communities and reduce the amount of medical waste in our landfills. [...]

Get To Know Amanda Escen, MATTER’s New Board Chair

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Earlier this month, MATTER's board of directors elected Amanda Escen as board chair. Amanda assumes the position from Casey Carl, who will continue to serve on the MATTER board. As MATTER's first female board chair, Amanda brings a wealth of experience to her new role. She currently serves as the Manager of Investment Operations at [...]