Celebrating YOU at You MATTER Fest 2023! Join Us!

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YOU MATTER is more than just a motivational statement. It’s our belief. When people believe they matter and believe their ideas for impacting their community matter, the actions they take—be they big or small—can last well beyond their lifetime. We here at MATTER have the privilege to see this belief lived out every day. From [...]

Medical Relief Kits: Bridging the Gap in Remote Healthcare

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Collaborating on today’s story is Dr. Mike Jeans, MATTER’s Director of Medical Projects. His insight and experience as a doctor in Africa were essential to the development of the Medical Relief Kit, MATTER’s newest initiative to elevate the care and dignity of patients in under-resourced parts of the world. The anthropologist, Margaret Mead, was once [...]

Nurses Helping Nurses in Binga

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“A few months ago, I was at a MATTER event where they were highlighting some of the projects in Zimbabwe, one of which was the Jeannie Burns Buckner Maternity and Pediatric Hospital in Binga. As someone who works in healthcare and a mother myself, this initiative really moved me. Hearing that the primary caregivers, the [...]

MATTERbox Update – May 2023

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MATTERbox Update - May 2023 Now that we’re into May, summer is right around the corner. Along with everything wonderful we associate with summer, for many in our country, especially children, summer means long days with little to eat. Our dedicated community partners work hard to address this tragic situation. Every summer, we receive requests [...]

10 Employee Engagement Ideas for Remote Employees

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Are you finding it difficult to keep your remote staff motivated and engaged? As the workforce landscape continues to evolve, remote work has become increasingly common, and sometimes even the primary way some companies operate today. While remote work offers many benefits, such as flexibility and increased productivity, it also presents unique challenges for employee [...]

The Possibility of a Better Life: Nash’s Goat Giveaway

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From the goats’ perspective, life had suddenly taken an unexpected turn. Literally. The two had been herded into the back of a van and were trying desperately to keep their balance as the vehicle lurched over some of Zimbabwe’s most neglected roads. As the vehicle turned into a small clearing, the four-legged passengers lost their [...]

Manufacturers of Medical Equipment: Repurposing a Sustainable Option

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According to Thomasnet.com, medical equipment manufacturing is an industry that produces a wide range of products intended for use by physicians, nurses, hospital personnel, medical researchers, laboratory technicians, and others in the healthcare field. MATTER looks to partner with manufacturers of medical equipment and supplies, as well as hospitals, medical device companies and wholesale distributors [...]

MATTERbox Madness 2023 Highlights

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MATTERbox Madness 2023 is in the books! After three years of virtual competition, the Madness returned to the Mall of America® with sixteen teams eager to compete against other in a fun and furious race to pack healthy food for Minnesota’s kids. And pack they did. By the end of the competition, thousands of MATTERbox [...]

Fighting For A Better Future: Victoria Falls Boxing Academy & Children’s Home

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Abandoned by his parents as a young child, Zimbabwean Tobius Mupfuti learned the art of survival while living on the streets amidst the ever-present danger of predators, both animal and human. Life was a constant struggle for the things no child should have to worry about. Shelter. Food. Safety. Dignity. Maybe that’s why, as a [...]

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