You Matter Stories Episode 4: Dean Hager’s Spark of Hope Changes Lives

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This is the fourth episode in our continuing series, You Matter Stories.   On a seemingly ordinary day more than thirty years ago, 16-year-old Dean Hager found himself sitting in detention. Again. School wasn’t high on his list of priorities, so he got in trouble. A lot. For Dean, school didn’t matter all that much. Growing [...]

Engaging Employees for Good: Companies Host MATTERbox Packing Events

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A new school year has begun. For us here at MATTER, this means more opportunities to come alongside our amazing corporate partners to help them provide healthy food for school children and their families through our MATTERbox packing events, engaging employees for good in their communities. This week, three of these partners, Cigna, Discover and [...]

MATTER Insight Trip Shows How Sport Changes The World

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This story shared by Jacob Ross, Vice President of MATTER Pro.  Sport harnesses the power of opportunity, opening doors and breaking down barriers for athletes, regardless of who you are or where you’re from. MATTER Pro focuses on utilizing this unique opportunity by partnering with professional athletes on philanthropic projects. Our recent MATTER Insight trip [...]

Looking for Ideas to Engage Employees? Think MATTERbox Packing Events!

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MATTERBOX UPDATE As we head into the fall, we are feeling the excitement "on the board." We have a whiteboard in our office where we track all confirmed employee engagement MATTERbox packing events. As I watch it filling up, I feel proud of all the companies that are focused on and prioritizing engaging with their [...]

Athletes Changing the World: 5 Athletes Doing Good!

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While many of us know about athletes as a result of their superb performance or records set in their sport, what we often overlook is the charitable work that many do throughout the world. Professional athletes have a unique platform to influence others, whether they play basketball, baseball, football, soccer, tennis, rugby or any other [...]

Using Business To Help Others: Lupient Invests In Community

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In Minnesota, there’s arguably no name more recognized among car dealerships than Jim Lupient. For more than 50 years, the Lupient family has been a pillar in our community, building a business that reflects the highest standards of corporate integrity and superior customer service. The family has also long recognized the importance of using their [...]

You Matter Stories Episode 3: Tony Sanneh Uses Sports To Bring People Together

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Minnesota is fortunate to have its share of home-grown athletes who not only excel on the playing field but are also amazing individuals off the field. One of them is retired soccer player, Tony Sanneh. Growing up on St. Paul’s East Side, Tony was a gifted athlete from a young age. Though he participated in [...]

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