Nurses Helping Nurses in Binga

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“A few months ago, I was at a MATTER event where they were highlighting some of the projects in Zimbabwe, one of which was the Jeannie Burns Buckner Maternity and Pediatric Hospital in Binga. As someone who works in healthcare and a mother myself, this initiative really moved me. Hearing that the primary caregivers, the [...]

The Possibility of a Better Life: Nash’s Goat Giveaway

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From the goats’ perspective, life had suddenly taken an unexpected turn. Literally. The two had been herded into the back of a van and were trying desperately to keep their balance as the vehicle lurched over some of Zimbabwe’s most neglected roads. As the vehicle turned into a small clearing, the four-legged passengers lost their [...]

Fighting For A Better Future: Victoria Falls Boxing Academy & Children’s Home

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Abandoned by his parents as a young child, Zimbabwean Tobius Mupfuti learned the art of survival while living on the streets amidst the ever-present danger of predators, both animal and human. Life was a constant struggle for the things no child should have to worry about. Shelter. Food. Safety. Dignity. Maybe that’s why, as a [...]

Celebrating the Power of Partnership for the People of Zimbabwe

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What happens when a group of like-minded people come together to share their passion, experiences, hopes and dreams? Magic. That’s the best way to describe what happened last Thursday evening at MATTER when over a hundred people gathered at MATTER’s headquarters in St. Louis Park to celebrate the impact and power of partnership for the [...]

Hospital and Clinic Update: Launching Life-Saving Healthcare Projects

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Hospital and Clinic Project Update Our hospital and clinic team is launching life-saving healthcare projects in some of the hardest to reach corners of the world. Working with our partners, we repurpose donated medical equipment and supplies, shipping them to hospitals and clinics in communities that are often neglected and marginalized. It’s not always easy [...]

You Matter Stories Episode 1: Bringing Healthcare to Remote Zimbabwe

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We’re launching the first of twelve 2022 episodes in a new series, You Matter Stories. Today is Episode 1: Bringing Healthcare to Remote Zimbabwe.  ---------------------------- “We often use the phrase, ‘The middle of nowhere.’ This is the closest to the middle of nowhere that I’ve ever seen.” Rebecca Newhouse, MATTER’s Chief of Staff and Development [...]

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