Growing Chaya and Community: Sandi Young’s You Matter Story

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On this Give to the Max Day, we’re kicking off the next phase of our Chaya campaign in Zimbabwe aimed at empowering women to feed their families, through growing Chaya and community. Our goal is to raise $50,000 toward the establishment of ten women’s farm co-ops around the country. The $5,000 per site cost includes [...]

You Matter Stories Episode 4: Dean Hager’s Spark of Hope Changes Lives

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This is the fourth episode in our continuing series, You Matter Stories.   On a seemingly ordinary day more than thirty years ago, 16-year-old Dean Hager found himself sitting in detention. Again. School wasn’t high on his list of priorities, so he got in trouble. A lot. For Dean, school didn’t matter all that much. Growing [...]

You Matter Stories Episode 3: Tony Sanneh Uses Sports To Bring People Together

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Minnesota is fortunate to have its share of home-grown athletes who not only excel on the playing field but are also amazing individuals off the field. One of them is retired soccer player, Tony Sanneh. Growing up on St. Paul’s East Side, Tony was a gifted athlete from a young age. Though he participated in [...]

You Matter Giveaway Projects: Improving Kids’ Lives

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Our next You Matter Giveaway winner is Babatunde Ayilola! A dentist in Nigeria, Babatunde is very active in his community. With the $250 funds, Babatunde will put together 200 dental kits for children at a local orphanage. Each kit will contain a toothbrush, toothpaste and floss. He’ll personally deliver the kits and teach the children [...]

You Matter Stories Episode 2: A Second Life to Save Lives 

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Last month, we launched the first episode in a monthly series entitled You Matter Stories. Today is Episode 2: A Second Life to Save Lives  Five-year-old Teleson lives in a remote village in Haiti with his family. Last year, a violent windstorm swept Teleson into the air and sent him hurtling to the ground and [...]

You Matter Stories Episode 1: Bringing Healthcare to Remote Zimbabwe

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We’re launching the first of twelve 2022 episodes in a new series, You Matter Stories. Today is Episode 1: Bringing Healthcare to Remote Zimbabwe.  ---------------------------- “We often use the phrase, ‘The middle of nowhere.’ This is the closest to the middle of nowhere that I’ve ever seen.” Rebecca Newhouse, MATTER’s Chief of Staff and Development [...]

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