You Matter Giveaway Projects: Improving Kids’ Lives

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Our next You Matter Giveaway winner is Babatunde Ayilola! A dentist in Nigeria, Babatunde is very active in his community. With the $250 funds, Babatunde will put together 200 dental kits for children at a local orphanage. Each kit will contain a toothbrush, toothpaste and floss. He’ll personally deliver the kits and teach the children [...]

You Matter Stories Episode 1: Bringing Healthcare to Remote Zimbabwe

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We’re launching the first of twelve 2022 episodes in a new series, You Matter Stories. Today is Episode 1: Bringing Healthcare to Remote Zimbabwe.  ---------------------------- “We often use the phrase, ‘The middle of nowhere.’ This is the closest to the middle of nowhere that I’ve ever seen.” Rebecca Newhouse, MATTER’s Chief of Staff and Development [...]

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