MATTERbox Volunteer Kit

Today more than ever, companies are looking for ways to do good in their communities. Not only is this a win for the communities, but it’s also a win for the companies themselves. Studies show that employee volunteerism boosts morale and makes for more loyal, satisfied and engaged employees. Our MATTERbox Volunteer Kit can help!


In The Box
Your company sponsors kits that contain everything needed to assemble 40 snack packs, including beneficial food, you matter notes, bags, stickers, pens and instructions. Individuals are also welcome to order Volunteer Kits for family and group events.

Pick Up & Shipping
Local pick up in the Twin Cities or shipped anywhere in the United States.

Distribution of Packed Food
We work with you to impact your community of choice, locally or nationally.



Let the MATTER team help you customize a fun and meaningful food packing experience with your employees at your company, at MATTER, or at a location of your choosing. We’ll provide your organization with everything your employees need to pack beneficial food snacks for people in your community. Once packed, the snacks can be delivered to a community organization of your choosing, or you can return them to MATTER and we’ll distribute them to our local community partners in the Twin Cities.


Volunteer Kit

Hosting a food packing event for remote employees is easy with MATTERbox Volunteer Kits. We can ship Volunteer Kits directly to remote offices or even to employees’ homes. Our MATTER team can help you plan a virtual packing event online that will help bring your remote workers together, fostering comradery and boosting morale, all while impacting your community with beneficial food. The packed food can then be distributed directly to community organizations of your employees’ choosing.


If your workforce is both in-office and remote, it can be difficult to find an employee engagement event that your employees can participate in together. A MATTERbox food packing experience is the perfect solution. Using our MATTERbox Volunteer Kits, remote employees can participate virtually alongside their in-office colleagues packing beneficial food for the community. Not only will they be making an impact in their communities, but the sense of unity and morale that is created during these events is crucial to the success of a hybrid workforce.  

Community Impact

Your MATTERbox packing event can have a local impact, nationwide.

Launch Your MATTERbox Packing Event

Ready to launch your employee engagement event through a MATTERbox Packing Event? Tell us more about your idea and we will get right back to you to help you plan your event!

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