Who We Are

Our Mission

We help people launch projects that improve communities.

Our Belief

You matter. Your ideas and actions can change the world. Believe it. We do.

Our Vision

To reinvent a self-sustaining model of charity that inspires people to action for good.

How We Were Called to MATTER

When Minnesota business owners Dennis and Megan Doyle saw valuable corporate surplus being discarded, they took action. Using what was in their own two hands, warehouse space, they began gathering life-saving resources to put into the hands of people living in scarcity. It soon became their calling, and in 2002 they started Hope for the City.

Today, Hope for the City is now MATTER. Our mission is simple. We help people launch projects that improve communities.

While not a faith-based organization, we refer to MATTER as “faith-inspired.” Our founders started the organization based on inspiration they received from two Scriptural commands: to “care for the least of these”, from Matthew 25; and to be good stewards of God’s creation and its abundant resources, as found in Genesis 2.

Since 2002, with the help of tens of thousands of donors, supporters, partners and volunteers, MATTER has distributed more than $772 million in restorative aid, impacting millions of lives around the world.

Our belief statement reflects the very DNA from which our organization was founded: You matter. Your ideas and actions can change the world. Believe it. We do.

Meet Our Staff

Claire Newcom
Robby Kimmel

Our Founders

Our Board

  • Amanda Escen

    MATTER Board Chair Chief Operating Officer University of Minnesota Foundation Investment Advisors

  • Devin Doyle

    MATTER Board Treasurer President Wildamere Capital Management, LLC

  • Dr. Christopher Tashjian

    MATTER Board Secretary Partner Vibrant Health Family Clinics

  • Michael Ackmann

    Co-Founder & CEO Artisan Venture Lab

  • Casey Carl

    (Former) EVP and Chief Omni Strategy and Operations Officer Walmart

  • Jay Deverell

    President, SVP Huntington Distribution Finance, Inc.

  • Dan Fagan

    President & CEO Tradition Capital Bank

  • Pete Goddard

    CEO Deephaven Data Labs

  • Molly Henry

    Director, Talent & Seeking Alight

  • Aaron Johnson

    Chief Executive Officer Twin Cities Orthopedics

  • Derrick Johnson

    Group Manager TCF/Huntington

  • Alyssa LaRue

    Vice President, Relationship Manager BMO Commercial Bank

  • Meg Martin

    VP, Senior Wealth & Fiduciary Advisor Bell Bank

  • Roger McCabe

    Co-Founder Roger and Nancy McCabe Foundation

  • Chipo Mtasa

    Managing Director Tel One Pvt. (Zimbabwe)

  • Shelly Nelson

    Vice President of Marketing Cambria

  • Mark Pletts

    Co-Chairman/Managing Partner Waypoint Capital Advisors

  • Steve Ryan

    Partner in Charge Taft, Stettinius & Hollister

  • Mike Tamte

    Executive Chairman EVEREVE

Financial Responsibility

MATTER is built upon a foundation of sound financial stewardship. We believe that to whom much is given, much is required. We apply this belief to every donation, large or small, and use it to create the highest level of financial accountability and transparency.

More than $772 million in resources distributed

$1 donated equals $24 in material aid

96 cents of every dollar donated goes to projects

you matter.