MATTERbox Update – May 2023

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MATTERbox Update - May 2023 Now that we’re into May, summer is right around the corner. Along with everything wonderful we associate with summer, for many in our country, especially children, summer means long days with little to eat. Our dedicated community partners work hard to address this tragic situation. Every summer, we receive requests [...]

10 Employee Engagement Ideas for Remote Employees

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Are you finding it difficult to keep your remote staff motivated and engaged? As the workforce landscape continues to evolve, remote work has become increasingly common, and sometimes even the primary way some companies operate today. While remote work offers many benefits, such as flexibility and increased productivity, it also presents unique challenges for employee [...]

MATTERbox Madness 2023 Highlights

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MATTERbox Madness 2023 is in the books! After three years of virtual competition, the Madness returned to the Mall of America® with sixteen teams eager to compete against other in a fun and furious race to pack healthy food for Minnesota’s kids. And pack they did. By the end of the competition, thousands of MATTERbox [...]

Tools for Employee Engagement: Is Your Workforce Committed?

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Employee engagement is a crucial aspect of business success and critical for fostering a positive culture for many companies today, leading to increased productivity in the workforce, increased employee retention, and strengthened job satisfaction. According to Gallup's State of the Global Workplace 2022, just 21% of employees are engaged at work. And according to a [...]

MATTERbox Madness 2023: In-Person Event Returns to Mall of America

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MATTERbox Madness 2023 returns to the Mall of America for the first time since 2019! Yes, after three years of virtual and in-house competitions, this year's MATTERbox Madness will be live and in person at the Mall of America on March 23rd! Sixteen companies from around the Twin Cities will come together for a fierce [...]

MATTERbox Update: Grateful For Our Partners & Volunteers

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MATTERbox Update As another year winds down, our MATTERbox team has been reflecting on all the good that has been accomplished this year through collaboration with our incredible partners. We are so very grateful for our corporate partners, our community partners and our amazing volunteers who give so generously of their time, effort, and resources [...]

Engaging Employees for Good: Companies Host MATTERbox Packing Events

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A new school year has begun. For us here at MATTER, this means more opportunities to come alongside our amazing corporate partners to help them provide healthy food for school children and their families through our MATTERbox packing events, engaging employees for good in their communities. This week, three of these partners, Cigna, Discover and [...]

Looking for Ideas to Engage Employees? Think MATTERbox Packing Events!

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MATTERBOX UPDATE As we head into the fall, we are feeling the excitement "on the board." We have a whiteboard in our office where we track all confirmed employee engagement MATTERbox packing events. As I watch it filling up, I feel proud of all the companies that are focused on and prioritizing engaging with their [...]

Using Business To Help Others: Lupient Invests In Community

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In Minnesota, there’s arguably no name more recognized among car dealerships than Jim Lupient. For more than 50 years, the Lupient family has been a pillar in our community, building a business that reflects the highest standards of corporate integrity and superior customer service. The family has also long recognized the importance of using their [...]

Keeping You In the Know at MATTER

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The Latest News from MATTERnation   Land O'Lakes Gives Back The Land O’Lakes Board of Directors volunteered their time to pack healthy food for the community during their board meeting this week in Eagan, Minnesota. A busy day of meetings did not deter the two dozen board members from enthusiastically packing 750 MATTERbox snack packs [...]

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