Medical Relief Kits: Bridging the Gap in Remote Healthcare

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Collaborating on today’s story is Dr. Mike Jeans, MATTER’s Director of Medical Projects. His insight and experience as a doctor in Africa were essential to the development of the Medical Relief Kit, MATTER’s newest initiative to elevate the care and dignity of patients in under-resourced parts of the world. The anthropologist, Margaret Mead, was once [...]

Nurses Helping Nurses in Binga

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“A few months ago, I was at a MATTER event where they were highlighting some of the projects in Zimbabwe, one of which was the Jeannie Burns Buckner Maternity and Pediatric Hospital in Binga. As someone who works in healthcare and a mother myself, this initiative really moved me. Hearing that the primary caregivers, the [...]

Manufacturers of Medical Equipment: Repurposing a Sustainable Option

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According to, medical equipment manufacturing is an industry that produces a wide range of products intended for use by physicians, nurses, hospital personnel, medical researchers, laboratory technicians, and others in the healthcare field. MATTER looks to partner with manufacturers of medical equipment and supplies, as well as hospitals, medical device companies and wholesale distributors [...]

Sustainable Solution: Allina Health & MATTER Partner to Repurpose Medical Items

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In searching for a sustainable solution to the disposal of their excess supplies and equipment, Allina Health turned to MATTER, a global non-profit committed to helping hospitals with their sustainability and financial issues around expired and excess items through their MATTER 360 initiative. In the U.S. alone, hospitals create non-hazardous medical waste in excess of [...]

Celebrating the Power of Partnership for the People of Zimbabwe

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What happens when a group of like-minded people come together to share their passion, experiences, hopes and dreams? Magic. That’s the best way to describe what happened last Thursday evening at MATTER when over a hundred people gathered at MATTER’s headquarters in St. Louis Park to celebrate the impact and power of partnership for the [...]

Hospital & Clinic Update: Delivering Babies and Hope

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Hospital & Clinic Update Launching life-saving healthcare projects in some of the most difficult places on earth come with many challenges. Our team is currently contending with a global shipping container shortage and other logistical issues. Despite these challenges, we recently sent a shipment of equipment and supplies to Cuba in response to an oil [...]

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