Sombetini Health Center Benefits from Darius Rucker Concert

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When people come together for a cause greater than themselves – to bring hope to others - good things happen. In the midst of September storms and Midwest heat, hundreds of people gathered for a private benefit concert in Illinois to raise funds for the Sombetini Health Center in Arusha, Tanzania. Headlining the concert was [...]

Innovations in Partnership and Health for Zimbabwe

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Winnie, a nurse from Victoria Falls Hospital in Zimbabwe, describes the difficulty of working without the proper equipment and supplies to treat her patients. “We get people in accidents that need x-rays, pregnant women that require ultrasounds and we can’t treat them properly. It’s so frustrating.” Looking at the towering stacks of MATTER boxes filled [...]

Hope for Women Living in the Shadows

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Restoring Health and Hope to Afghan Women Suffering from Obstetric Fistula The reality is heartbreaking and hard to fathom. Thousands of women in Afghanistan suffer from a debilitating injury received during childbirth that forces them to live in the shadows, ashamed, humiliated, ostracized by society and sometimes even by their own families. An event in [...]

Bismack Biyombo and MATTER Team Up for Congo

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The NBA's Bismack Biyombo and MATTER are teaming up to elevate health in Congo.  The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is a nation in crisis. Years of political turmoil are giving rise to increasing waves of violence throughout the country, creating a humanitarian crisis of epic proportions. According to the United Nations, in DRC: 13 [...]

Gorgui Dieng Foundation & MATTER Raise More than $500K for Senegal

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MATTER and Latitude recently teamed up again to present the second annual Gorgui Dieng Foundation event on March 6, 2018. More than 200 supporters gathered for the event, held at Latitude's North Loop event space, Elevate by Latitude, to raise  $500,000 for hospital and farm projects in Senegal. "I always had it in my mind [...]

Jewel of Africa to Shine Bright Again with Help from MATTER

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On February 2, the first-ever NVRFLD Charity Poker Event was held in Minneapolis, breaking fundraising records at the party of the year. Sponsored by Latitude, Cambria and World Poker Tour, the event raised over $1.7 Million for medical and agricultural initiatives worldwide. MATTER was honored to be among the recipients of the proceeds and we [...]

World-Class Athletes Who are Changing the World with MATTER

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Professional athletes are known for their exceptional skill, rigorous training and raw talent. That's what sets them apart from everyone else. And within the professional athletic world, there are those whose compassion and generous spirit set them apart from their peers. MATTER is proud to partner with three such athletes this year: Bismack Biyombo of [...]

Resounding Joy in Nicaragua

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Over the past year, MATTER has worked with partners here at home and around the world on projects large and small. From building hospitals from the ground up to providing local kids with healthy food, we are committed to providing solutions that break down barriers to health. We recently received the following letter from one of [...]

Modernizing Mixto: Elevating the Quality of Healthcare in Guatemala

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Medicine and healthcare have seen exponential improvements over the past few decades, making it possible to treat patients more effectively than ever before. However, in many corners of the globe, the technology that makes this level of care possible is scarce. Joining forces with Food for the Poor and Hormel Foods Corporation, MATTER is making [...]

MATTERnation Volunteer Spotlight: Teresa

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“It’s been the best thing that I ever could have done with my life.” Spoken softly and sincerely, Teresa makes it instantly clear that her 40-year career in medicine has been so much more than a job. Splitting her time between nursing at the University of Minnesota Masonic Children’s Hospital, visiting orphanages in China to [...]