Community Paramedics Use MATTERbox As Teaching Tool With Patients

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Community Paramedic. For most, this term conjures an image of emergency, flashing lights, and crisis; but for many, Community Paramedics are part of their health care plan and support team. Allina Health offers a revolutionary program for high-risk patients such as seniors and the chronically ill. These patients are often times return visitors in the [...]

Fueling Progress in Malawi Through Nutrition

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  As one of the nations that has been most drastically impacted by HIV/AIDS, Malawi is no stranger to adversity. Whether it’s a mother teaching her child with cerebral palsy to walk or a grandmother caring for her orphaned grandchildren, solid nutrition is necessary to fuel progress. In a recent International shipment, we collaborated with [...]

The Sound of Silence

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Only one muffled cry could be heard. A sound so soft, it could only have come from a very new life. Yet, this sound was eerily loud in a hospital hallway that otherwise was deathly silent. Down a dark narrow hallway, 20 young mothers sat on plastic chairs in single file, their new lives lying [...]

MATTERbox Challenge: Target Edition

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"Companies that Matter" recognize, the power to make a difference within their community and around the globe is in their own two hands. In light of recent heartache, loss and tragedy in our community, Target decided to step up and DO SOMETHING. As a “Company that Matters”, Target is committed to investing in their local [...]

InSports Foundation uses MATTERbox in Summer Sports Camp

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All kids desire and deserve to be active. Unfortunately, monetary constraints oftentimes prevent the formation of a healthy active lifestyle, leading to problems later in life. With over 328,500 Minnesota students receiving free and reduced lunches during the school year and over 250,000 missing meals during the summer months, the issue of scarcity is far [...]

MATTERbox Story: St. Louis Park Police Officer

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One evening, I was dispatched to suspicious activity at an apartment complex. The resident mentioned that she had a suspicion that a homeless person was rummaging around residences storage lockers and thought someone was living underneath the stairwell in a maintenance closet. When officers found him, we discovered that he had been living there for [...]


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Matter entered 2016 with the mission of expanding access to health for 10 million people next door and around the world by the end of 2018. Learn the significant strides Matter has made towards achieving this goal during the first quarter of 2016. Celebrate the completion of Matter's largest international project to-date, a hospital that [...]

Expanding Access to Health in Ethiopia

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About 150 miles west of the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa, lay the remote town of Shashemene. In this town, there are only two small hospitals to support a population of 153,000 people and nearby communities. Nearly 85% of Ethiopians live in rural towns like this with little to no access to healthcare, resulting in preventable [...]

MATTERbox Madness: Patterson Edition

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Team Building, Strategic Planning & Community Impact Collide Patterson is a ‘Company that Matters’ who recognizes that the power to make a difference within their community and around the globe is in their own two hands. Patterson leveraged a recent conference to challenge their finance teams to give back in a big way. In the [...]

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