Kickstart Your Big Ideas

Helping Kickstart Your Big Ideas To Change The World!

What happens when people believe they matter? What happens when people realize they have what it takes to make this world a better place? At MATTER, we know first-hand the power of people who believe they have a unique and vital role in finding solutions to some of the biggest problems facing our world today. Throughout 2019, we saw the impact they made. It was big, bold and challenged the status quo, reimagining the way things could be! 

In eighteen countries across the world, the message of “You MATTER” rang out loud and clear. Our amazing donors, partners, supporters and suppliers here in the U.S. and around the world, believing the message for themselves, took it to heart, delivering health and hope to over two million people worldwide through healthy food, Innovation Hubs, refurbished hospitals, and nutrition gardens.  

Because of their efforts, new mothers in Tanzania deliver their babies in clean beds. Farmers in Senegal feed their families and communities using new innovative techniques. Patients in Congo receive dignified care at refurbished hospitals with proper medical supplies. School children in Zimbabwe learn coding and how to use technology, giving them a chance to make their dreams come true. 

Our incredible volunteers, over six thousand strong, believing they mattered, packed more than 260,000 MATTERbox meals for kids and families throughout the country. Now high school kids are learning to cook healthy food, elementary school kids receive healthy after-school snacks, adults with diabetes are taking their first successful steps toward healthier lifestyles and the homeless in Minneapolis accept healthy food along with notes of encouragement so they know they’re not alone.  

All this because people believed they mattered, believed their actions mattered, and believed others mattered, too.  

You MATTER. Do you believe it?  Do you believe you have what it takes to make this world a better place? Your resources, time, energy and talents represent unique contributions that you alone can offer. Big or small, what you do today can impact communities for generations to come. 

MATTER exists to help you kickstart your big ideas to change the world. It’s our passion to help your dreams become a reality. Let’s get together in 2020 and make this world a better place. We can do it because You MATTER!