MATTER Career Readiness Institute: Achieving Dreams For a Better Future

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Imagine you’re a young person in Zimbabwe. You’re a good student and thrive in your local high school. As your academic skills flourish, your teachers encourage you to pursue a university degree after graduation. You would love to go, but there’s a mountain of obstacles in your way. First, your family barely makes ends meet. [...]

Transforming Education & Changing Lives: Innovation Hub Update

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MATTER Innovation Hub Update What a difference a year makes. A year ago, I arrived with my family in Zimbabwe because MATTER made the decision to invest in accelerating the Innovation Hub program- not just cheerlead the program from the sidelines 8,000 miles away in Minneapolis, but engage to push forward the idea that student-centric [...]

MATTER Innovation Hub Update

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MATTER INNOVATION HUB UPDATE Welcome to the first MATTER Innovation Hub (MIH) quarterly update! Here you will find the latest MIH news, stories and impact numbers, plus discover what’s ahead for this exciting and growing MATTER initiative. The MIH program has a radical goal of creating customized education paths for each child. Self-directed, self-paced learning [...]

Jamf + MATTER = Activating Innovation In Education

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If you’re part of the Apple IT and InfoSec world, you’re probably aware of the world’s largest gathering of Apple enthusiasts happening this week. Hosted by Jamf, the Minneapolis-based leader in mobile device management solutions for Apple devices, the Jamf Nation User Conference, or JNUC, is in its twelfth year and bigger than ever. In [...]

Innovation In Education: Exciting Domestic & International Growth for MATTER Innovation Hub

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It’s that time of year when kids are trading in their summer toys for backpacks and books and heading into a new year of school. For some children and youth in Minnesota and around the world, part of their new school year will include learning in a MATTER Innovation Hub. The result of a collaborative [...]

Revolutionizing Education In Afghanistan: Bayat-MATTER Innovation Hub

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April 10, 2021, was an exciting day in Kabul, Afghanistan as the city celebrated the grand opening of the Bayat-MATTER Innovation Hub. The first of its kind in the country, the Innovation Hub promises to revolutionize education in Afghanistan. For female students in particular, the Innovation Hub will be a game-changer, opening doors of opportunity [...]

MATTER Innovation Hub: Afghanistan Hub To Create Opportunity For Young Women

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The MATTER Innovation Hub is inspiring minds and expanding the horizons of students in Haiti, Senegal, Uganda and Zimbabwe. In April 2021, the doors will open to the first MATTER Innovation Hub in Afghanistan. Located in the capital city of Kabul, this stunning, state-of-the-art facility is the vision of The Bayat Foundation, working in collaboration [...]

Innovation Hub: Learning Leads To Opportunity

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“School is more fun and I look forward to it now!”  Tristan Harris is a sixth-grader at Victoria Falls Primary School in Zimbabwe. At eleven years old, attending school had become routine and boring. When the MATTER Innovation Hub arrived at his school earlier this year, Tristan’s attitude changed. Instead of dreading school, he got up each day eager to go.   [...]

MATTER Innovation Hub: Sponsor A Student, Fulfill A Dream

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It’s every teacher’s dream for their students to come to class happy to be there and eager to learn. For Aubrey Chiwandura, the facilitator for the first MATTER Innovation Hub (MIH) Program in Zimbabwe, that’s his experience almost every day. And he loves it. “They come running with smiles on their faces because they love [...]

Pioneering A New Approach To Education: Aubrey Chiwundura

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“I hope that everything they do here helps their future to be brighter, not only on the educational side but even in life, because the creativity, critical thinking and problem-solving skills, which are all promoted by the MATTER Innovation Hub, also apply even in life.” Sharing his hopes for the 260 students he works with [...]

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