How to become a Company that Matters

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Companies are the bedrock of our community. Matter was founded by local business owners who wanted to give back, and they looked at the resources they had in their own two hands, imagining how these items could be used in innovative ways. Fifteen years later, the heart of this vision has remained the same, and [...]

Timberwolves player Gorgui Dieng sees hope in home community

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Kébémer, a small city in Northwestern Senegal, has recently seen massive improvements to their local hospital, thanks to their hometown hero: Gorgui Dieng of the Minnesota Timberwolves. At 6 feet, 11 inches, even if he wasn't an NBA starter, Gorgui would be noticeable in the community, and he's always wanted to share what he has and give back [...]

Simple Act: Second Quarter Report 2015

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Check out the ways in which Matter is expanding access to health and food, next door and around the world in the second quarter of 2015! You'll learn about Matter partnering with the Hennepin County Medical Center to address Diabetes with healthy food from the MATTERbox, a recent teamMATTER insight trip across Africa where they met with the Tanzanian [...]

Matter Among First to Ship Medical Equipment to Cuba

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As diplomatic relations between the United States and Cuba are  being opened for the first time in more than 50 years, Matter is poised to be among the first bring updated medical equipment to Cuban hospitals. Matter has a fifteen year history of shipping medical equipment and supplies to developing hospitals and clinics around the world. [...]

Supplies from Matter Support Paramedic Training in the Dominican Republic

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Paramedics in the Dominican Republic learn through simulations of emergency situations with supplies and equipment provided by Matter. Having well-trained paramedics is something that is easy to take for granted, and proper training equipment is an essential piece of developing these vital health care providers. In the city of San Juan de la Maguana in [...]

Hope Rises with New Hospital in Dandora, Kenya

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There is a Kenyan proverb that says "It is the grass that suffers when the elephants fight". For the poor living in the surroundings of the dump in Dandora, this proverb epitomizes their experience. A resident of Dandora walks across garbage in the huge dump surrounding the slum. The Dandora dump sits in [...]

Volunteers are using Matter supplies in hospitals around the world

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"We had 12 babies resuscitated through bag and mask and they are still living now because we had the resources to help." All around the world, hospital and clinics lack the most basic supplies for their trained doctors and nurses to get their jobs done well. We've all heard the phrase, "You can give a [...]

Matter Team Meets with Tanzanian Deputy Minister of Health

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While Jeremy Newhouse and Mike Mulken waited for Matter's first container filled with life-saving medical equipment to arrive at the Serengeti District Hospital in Mugumu, Tanzania, they were able to experience some of the most incredible landscapes in the world - as well as some of the greatest need. "Within a few kilometers of each other there [...]

In Zambia, Matter plans to deliver hope to maternity ward

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The Matter team is on the road, visiting partners and new projects across Africa. Last week, President Quenton Marty and Vice President of Procurement and International Programs Mike Muelken were in Lusaka, Zambia, visiting our partners Health Hope Zambia at the UTH University Teaching Hospital. Part of the Labor and Delivery Wing of the University Teaching [...]

Simple Act: First Quarter Report 2015

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Check out the ways in which Matter is expanding access to health and food, next door and around the world in the first quarter of 2015! You'll learn about a village in Uganda, where the local clinic finally received life-changing resources, local families receiving healthy food from the Hennepin County Sheriff's deputies and the day that Cargill [...]

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