Driven to What Matters Most: Part 2

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The highly anticipated delivery of the Cambria fire truck in David, Panama had finally come. As the jetliner descended Nancy Jerdee - Senior Vice President of Marketing, Shelly Nelson - Vice President of Marketing, and MATTER’s President - Quenton Marty had little idea of the celebration that lay ahead of them. Upon stepping out into [...]

City View Electric Teams with Matter to bring Energy to Police and Fire Departments in Panama

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In the coffee-growing region of Panama, the cityof Boquete is a spectacular natural haven of forests and mountains. With a population of about 19,000, nearly 14% of these inhabitants are ex-pats from North America and Europe, though there are still many members of the community who struggle to get by. Specifically, the police and fire [...]

Panama Material Goods

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Many people in the rural Province of Chiriqui, Panama suffer from extreme poverty. Some of the situations stem from malnutrition, the inaccessibility to proper medical treatments, and the lack of access to the necessary tools; such as computers for education or farming equipment for agricultural initiatives. In 2013, the friends of Amigos de Boquete partnered [...]

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