According to, medical equipment manufacturing is an industry that produces a wide range of products intended for use by physicians, nurses, hospital personnel, medical researchers, laboratory technicians, and others in the healthcare field. MATTER looks to partner with manufacturers of medical equipment and supplies, as well as hospitals, medical device companies and wholesale distributors throughout the United States to collect excess or unneeded medical supplies and retired equipment for repurposing in other countries where the need is great. In the last three years, 7.1 million pounds of medical surplus was saved from landfills and repurposed to transform communities around the world.

An Easy Solution for Manufacturers of Medical Equipment & End User Clients

A unique, sustainable and life-saving option to discarding excess or unneeded equipment, the MATTER 360 initiative provides the sales teams at medical device companies and medical equipment manufacturers an easy way to dispose of unneeded or excess items at client locations. MATTER can many times even provide transportation of equipment to our warehouse. We strive to be a resource for the medical industry when it comes to providing a simple solution for repurposing.

Repurposing Medical Equipment Preserves Lives

After being evaluated, sorted, cleaned and packed, donated items are delivered to recipient facilities in more than 16 countries where MATTER works on projects that change communities. Healthcare providers are empowered and enabled to deliver a higher level of diagnosis, treatment, and quality care to their patients through these donations. This results in quantifiable improvements in access to medical services, a reduction in suffering, increased ability to provide patient care, and most importantly, the preservation of lives.

Effective, Sustainable Approach to Medical Surplus

If you are looking for the opportunity to align your business with a partner truly improving communities around the world with a highly effective yet easy approach to repurposing medical equipment and medical supplies, MATTER provides an unparalleled opportunity to do good. Whether a hospital, medical device manufacturer, or wholesale distributor, MATTER, as an industry leader in repurposing medical products, has the systems and expertise in place that can help you develop a sustainable approach.

MATTER 360 Delivers Results

Repurposing since 2002, MATTER is a trusted partner to many hospitals, clinics, and medical manufacturers. With just 0.6% of all donations ending up as medical waste, MATTER 360 is a highly efficient approach to making sure donated medical items end up repurposed and reused. While medical technology, medical device products, surgical equipment, protective equipment, and instruments continue to change, the need for these items in other countries, even if outdated in the United States is substantial. By partnering with MATTER, you can be sure that unneeded medical equipment, devices, and medical supplies will be put to good use.

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Are you a medical device company with medical products that would like to learn more about partnering with MATTER through the MATTER 360 initiative to help increase positive outcomes for health and healthcare around the world while reducing your environmental impact? Visit the MATTER 360 page to learn more or connect with our team.