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Timberwolves, Hy-Vee & MATTER Team Up for Healthy Eating!

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The Minnesota Timberwolves, Hy-Vee and MATTER are teaming up to educate and inspire kids on the importance of healthy eating! From February 13-27, customers at all 10 Twin Cities’ Hy-Vee stores can participate in this exciting initiative by purchasing coupons at checkout that will provide MATTERbox meal kits and snack packs to children and families [...]

Partnering to Increase Access to Health Services Worldwide

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According to the World Bank and World Health Organization, at least half the world’s population is unable to access essential health services. That translates to millions of parents unable to get proper care for their sick children, millions of families unable to care for the needs of their aging relatives, millions of people needlessly suffering and [...]

MATTERbox: Empowering Kids with Health and Nutrition

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At MATTER, we’re on a mission to find solutions for some of today’s greatest global challenges in health, nutrition and education. As described in last week’s blog, the MATTER Innovation Hub (MIH), deploying here in the U.S. and around the world, trains students to meet the challenges they will face in an increasingly technologically dependent [...]

MATTER Innovation Hub: Learning for Tomorrow’s World

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We live in a world that is changing rapidly due to the increasing impact of technology on how we live and work. Some have described this worldwide change as the Fourth Industrial Revolution. World-renowned economist Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum, who first coined the phrase in 2016, was hopeful [...]

Jamf Employees Make a Difference with MATTERbox

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There’s nothing like the energy generated in a room full of people who have come together to do good. Smiles, laughter, cooperation, kindness… all these things flow from hearts united in purpose to help others. This shared, compassionate energy was on full display yesterday in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, as hundreds of people gathered together to [...]

Taking On Big Challenges Together!

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MATTER is a group of problem solvers, innovators, dreamers, and doers. We bring together some of the best companies, experts, and partners to take on some of the biggest health challenges our world is facing today. Over the next three years, MATTER will design and implement solutions to meet these challenges and impact 10 million [...]

What Do You Have In Your Own Two Hands?

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MATTER was founded on a simple, yet profound, question our founders, Dennis and Megan Doyle, asked themselves nearly twenty years ago: “What do we have our own two hands to help others?” For the Doyles, it was empty warehouse space. Attempting to connect needs to resources, they began to fill their warehouse with life-saving medical [...]

Collaborating For Change: The Baby Moses Story

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A new day was dawning over the Nairobi, Kenyan suburb of Dandora in East Africa. Above the usual sounds of life awakening to the morning sun came an infant’s desperate cry. Dandora is home to Nairobi’s sprawling 30-acre dumpsite, one of the largest in the world. Many of Dandora’s 300,000 residents survive by scavenging the [...]

Innovative Cooking Class Changes Kids’ Lives

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A buzz of excitement fills a classroom at Brooklyn Park High School in Minnesota as a group of students gather after school for an innovative cooking class. Focusing on the importance of nutrition, they’re learning to cook healthy meals for themselves and their families using MATTERbox recipes and ingredients. For these students, the knowledge and [...]

Our Volunteers MATTER!

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MATTERnation is the word we use to describe the collective effort that makes MATTER’s work possible. Without the support of those who share our vision to create a world where everyone matters, MATTER simply wouldn’t exist. Our work and impact is only possible as a result of the collective efforts of our partners, donors and [...]