Collaborative and creative experience…anywhere.

The MATTER Innovation Hub is the result of a collaborative partnership
between Jamf and MATTER. Utilizing the latest technology, the Innovation Hub promotes active learning, problem solving, and creativity
in a student-centered learning environment, for kids with limited or no
access to critical skills and education for their future success.

 21st Century Success Factors

We stand at the brink of the 4th Industrial Revolution – a global technological revolution – that is going to fundamentally change the way we live and work. In many parts of the world, the next generation is not equipped with the necessary problem-solving, critical thinking, and continuous learning skills that will allow them to meet the challenges of the future.

According to experts, these are the main factors that will lead to success in the 21st century:

Geographic Flexibility — work from anywhere

Knowledge Based Economy – learn from anywhere

Demonstration of Skills – beyond exam scores

Key MATTER Innovation Hub Principles

Engaging Environment

Promotes active learning, critical thinking, problem-solving skills, creativity and leadership development. Emphasizing the importance of gender equality in learning, the Innovation Hub is a safe, welcoming, student-empowering environment, providing equal opportunities for personal growth for tomorrow’s leaders.

Student-Centered Learning

The Innovation Hub learning environment provides for a gradual shift of teaching methods away from a traditional teacher-centric approach and toward a more enriching, engaging, and personalized student-centered focus. Using STEM/STEAM curriculum, the Innovation Hub prepares learners of all ages to meet the demands of tomorrow’s technological challenges.

Sustainable Design

Turnkey Apple classroom solution that includes solar power, Internet, networking, and app-based curriculum delivery for 250 kids for three years. Designed for ease of use, implementation and maintenance. Three-year support of all included equipment and systems.

MATTER Innovation Hub: Implementations

A mobile, single unit for up to six kids. Can be installed in any existing classroom or designated learning space. Includes an Apple TV, networking, Internet and app-based curriculum.
Current locations: Senegal and Uganda

A classroom in a converted shipping container with five learning stations. Includes solar power, climate control, networking, Internet and app-based curriculum delivery for 250 kids for three years. A three-year commitment is required, after which time a determination will be made regarding the feasibility of building a center to replace the pod.
Current locations: Haiti and Zimbabwe

A permanent structure, on location, with all the capabilities of the pod. The center contains two rooms; one has five active learning stations, the other is open space and can be adapted to whatever space best meets the students’ learning needs.
Current locations: Haiti and Zimbabwe

Program Management

MATTER will lead a process of selecting program applicants, as well as provide continued monitoring and evaluation following the below process.

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