Students Make Music

Students Make Music at the Innovation Hub in Zimbabwe

Something pretty amazing happened at the MATTER Innovation Hub in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. Last spring, a group of students collaborated together to create a song using the music app, Garage Band. The song was good. More than good. It was so good, in fact, it was brought to the attention of Zimbabwe’s top musical artist, Tamy Moyo. The moment Tamy heard it, she wanted to record it. But that’s not all she wanted to do. She also wanted to encourage the students by giving them an experience they would never forget. She and her producer flew to Victoria Falls and spent two days working with the students to refine the song and record her vocals. Before leaving, she wished them all well and said she was looking forward to what they would come up with next.

To say these kids were astounded at the attention their song received would be an understatement. To say this experience will motivate them to keep learning, collaborating and creating in their Innovation Hub, is probably unnecessary. We look forward to hearing what this group will come up with next!

Watch this video to see the incredible story of how these students make music unfold!