MATTER Career Readiness Institute

MATTER Career Readiness Institute (MCRI)

The MATTER Career Readiness Institute (MCRI) is the next phase in the MATTER Innovation Hub (MIH) program. Currently in development in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, and sponsored by Jamf and Mains’l Services Inc, the MCRI trains graduates of the MIH for remote tech jobs with U.S. or other international companies. Providing meaningful job opportunities while allowing these young people to stay in their own country strengthens the local economy and brings hope to their communities.

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MATTER Career Readiness Institute

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Will you help provide youth around the world with the skills for a brighter future? Become a monthly supporter by sponsoring a student of the MATTER Innovation Hub. Just $25/month covers the cost of the technology, materials and facilitator for a student to receive this world-class education.

“We wanted to create hope among these students by showing them a skill that would not only be something they’ve never done before, but something that could lead to jobs…The vision always was job creation. That’s the things that transforms lives and economies. We can transform the entire country if we can get a concentration of jobs and tech is that job that can be done from anywhere.” – Dean Hager, CEO of Jamf

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