MATTER Innovation Hub

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The MATTER Innovation Hub offers exceptional educational opportunities for children and adults. These unique education centers are outfitted with solar power and modified as 21st century classrooms, ready to be deployed anywhere in the world. Utilizing the latest technology, the MATTER Innovation Hub provides engaging and personalized learning for people who otherwise would have limited access to education, affording them meaningful opportunities to enrich their lives and their futures.

The MATTER Innovation Hub is offered through a collaborative partnership with Jamf and Modular Life Solutions.


Promotes a supportive community with learning opportunities focused on critical thinking and creativity.


Creates safe, welcoming, student-centered learning conditions for personalized growth and success.


Ease of use, ease of implementation, and ease of maintenance for all equipment and systems.

How It Works


We work with partners to identify their goals and create a customized plan.


We source the educational and technological components customized for each MATTER Innovation Hub.


We coordinate all shipping logistics to ensure safe arrival of each MATTER Innovation Hub.

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For domestic and internationally-based NGOs that provide services related to increasing access to education.


Set up an informational call or meeting with one of our staff to learn more about the MATTER Innovation Hub.

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