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Collaborative and Creative Experience… Anywhere!

The MATTER Innovation HUB (MIH) is a 21st century classroom designed within a shipping container, retrofitted with solar power and ready to be deployed anywhere. The MIH provides a sustainable learning environment to gradually shift the model of teaching and learning to a student-centered approach, creating enriching, engaging, and personalized learning opportunities for any student, regardless of conditions.

The MATTER Innovation Hub is offered through a collaborative partnership with Jamf.


Create a student focused learning environment where learners are allowed to try, fail, and succeed at their own pace and with the encouragement of the teachers who are dedicated to providing equitable, safe, and challenging experiences. The MIH is grounded in the intent to provide an amazing experience regardless of gender, race, social-economic status, or geography.


Geographic Flexibility — work from anywhere

Knowledge Based Economy – learn from anywhere

Demonstration of Skills – beyond exam scores


Promotes critical thinking, creativity, and leadership development. The MIH is an environment where student centered learning opportunities foster personal growth for tomorrow’s leaders.


Creates safe, welcoming, student-centered conditions for learners of any age.


Ease of use, ease of implementation, gradual progress of changes, and ease of maintenance for all equipment and systems to include a three-year supported commitment.

Program Management

MATTER will lead a process of selecting program applicants, as well as provide continued monitoring and evaluation following the below process.

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For domestic and internationally-based NGOs that provide services related to increasing access to education.


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