Health Starts With Nutritious Food

At MATTER, we believe nutrition is central to effective healthcare. Through our agriculture offerings, we aim to increase access to health by providing communities with the tools and training to grow nutritionally dense food to feed families and improve health outcomes.

Design Resilient and Diversified Farms

Share Best Practices Through Educational Opportunities

Model Benefits Of Healthy Food

How it Works


From project conception to implementation, MATTER guides international partners through the process of starting a sustainable and profitable agricultural operation through customized designs that serve as model farms. 


MATTER’s international agricultural conferences result in new ideas, bold solutions, and effective training. Combining the expertise of professionals and academics with the traditional knowledge of local farmers leads to innovative practices and techniques helping communities to farm resiliently in often difficult environments. 


Nutrition gardens, designed by MATTER for demonstration and nutrition training purposes for hospitals, schools and communities, provide nutrient dense foods, as well as training in using healthy food to address malnutrition and long-term disease management. 

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For internationally-based NGOs that provide services related to economic development of small-scale sustainable agriculture.

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