GoodJustice is dedicated to bringing hope and opportunity to marginalized communities around the world. Started by Jeff Ryal over 12 years ago, it was a life-changing mission trip to Peru eight years earlier that planted the seeds for its founding. The trip opened Jeff’s eyes to the vicious cycle of poverty that entraps so many in our world. Not that Jeff was unaware of poverty before the trip. Growing up the youngest of several siblings with a single mother struggling to make ends meet, Jeff knew what it was like to be poor. But nothing he experienced growing up prepared him for what he saw in Peru.

A nurse in a Honduran clinic holding a bag of medical supplies procured by MATTER in partnership with GoodJustice.

“I was exposed to poverty like I’d never seen before. Even though I grew up a poor kid from Flint, Michigan, it’s one of those things that when you get out of your norm, you can’t believe what’s going on in the rest of the world.”

The trip made such an impact on Jeff and his wife, Sara, they decided to radically change their lives, devoting themselves to helping individuals and families around the world break out of the physical and mental cycle of poverty. With projects in Malawi and Honduras, GoodJustice is transforming communities by providing access to clean water, building new homes and providing educational opportunities to help families transition out of poverty into sustainable lifestyles.

The communities where they work often have tremendous healthcare needs. MATTER partners with GoodJustice to provide them with general medical supplies for whatever medical needs they might encounter while out working in the communities. Medical supplies bring hope and opportunity.

In Honduras recently, as Jeff and his team were installing water filtration systems in homes, they came upon an elderly woman bedridden with severe back pain. She looked as miserable as she felt. Jeff’s heart broke for her situation. Remembering there were back braces in the supplies he had received from MATTER, Jeff quickly ran back to his office to get one for her. As soon as she put it on, she immediately sat up in bed, amazed at the instant relief she felt. “This is great!” she exclaimed, her face softening into a grateful smile.

GoodJustice founder, Jeff Ryal, far left with some of his team delivering medical supplies to a clinic in Honduras.

For that beautiful soul, a simple back brace was all she needed to relieve her of pain. And thankfully GoodJustice was there for her. Had she gone to her local clinic, it’s unlikely they would have been able to help her. With limited equipment and supplies, the clinics in these areas struggle to provide even the most basic of care. It’s not unusual for Jeff and his team to find frustrated doctors and nurses at these clinics unable to give their patients the care they know they deserve. After a recent visit to a clinic operating without patient monitors or oxygen regulators, Jeff knew where to turn. Reaching out to MATTER, we procured these items for GoodJustice who delivered them to a very grateful clinic staff that can now offer their patients more complete care. Medical supplies really do bring hope and opportunity to communities!

It’s stories like this of dignity and compassion that make us proud to support the work of GoodJustice. For Jeff, the partnership with MATTER has been a godsend.

“All I ask for is 20 minutes of someone’s time to tell them about GoodJustice in the hopes they become an advocate for our work. What MATTER said to me is, ‘Jeff we’re going to give you more than twenty minutes. We’re going to meet with you, we’re going to dream with you. When you have a need, you’re always free to ask us. We’re going to equip you to be a blessing to the world.’ That’s why we’re so very, very thankful for MATTER.”

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