MATTERbox Packing Partnership

MATTERbox Packing Partnership: 2020 NGA Show

At MATTER, we have the privilege to partner with some of the best organizations in the world to help them make an impact for good in their communities.  Recently, we developed a MATTERbox packing partnership with the National Grocers Association (NGA) and Clarion Events North America to host a volunteer event at their annual NGA Show in San Diego which included attendees from throughout the United StatesThe result of this collaboration will bring health and hope to hundreds of people in the local San Diego area. 

The packing event, sponsored by Cub Foods, followed the opening keynote session. With energy and excitement to spare, the volunteers eagerly packed more than 1,000 MATTERbox YOU MATTER Snack Packs which will be distributed in the local community. Each snack pack assembled at the NGA Show included items generously donated by Okanagan Specialty Fruits, Mondelez International, Inc., and WOWBUTTER. 

We designed MATTERbox snack packs to help people take their first steps toward a healthier lifePairing healthy food with the YOU MATTER message can spark the motivation needed to make those healthy changesThat’s why every MATTERbox snack pack also contains a goal card to encourage the recipient to set goals in a couple of important areas including friendships, exercise and of course, healthy eating. Also included is an inspirational YOU MATTER note handwritten by the person packing the snack pack. Oftentimes, the YOU MATTER notes mean more to the recipients than the food themselves! 

The attendees at the NGA Show were excited to spend some of their convention time towards an effort that will bring nutritious food and encouragement to people who need it the most in the San Diego area. NGA President and CEO Greg Ferrara shared his thoughts, 

“It was rewarding for NGA members attending the show to participate in the MATTERbox packing event, whether by assembling MATTERboxes, writing out a YOU MATTER note of encouragement, sponsoring or donating product, or by cheering on those packing. Independent grocers are known for jumping in wherever the opportunity to presents itself to help those in need, so it was only appropriate to represent that at the 2020 NGA Show!”   

Courtney Muller, Chief Corporate Development & Strategy Officer for Clarion Events North America, which produced the NGA Show, echoed these sentiments. 

“We were delighted to partner with MATTER and Cub Foods to provide NGA Show attendees an opportunity to help those in need in the San Diego area. MATTER is helping to fuel positive change and strengthen communities. We are gratified that this event will make a difference in the local community.” 

The MATTERbox snack packs will soon be delivered to the San Diego Food Bank. President and CEO, James A. Florosexpressed his gratitude that the Food Bank was the recipient of the NGA Show’s community outreach. “We are very appreciative of the donation of the YOU MATTER Snack Packs from the 2020 NGA Show and MATTER. This donation will allow us to reach even more people in the San Diego community with a nutritious snack pack and a message of hope.” 

Collaborating to bring health and hope to people nationally and around the world is what MATTER is all about. MATTER President, Quenton Marty, reflected on the impact of partnerships in making an impact in our world. 

“At MATTER, as we strategically expand our impact around the nation, we look for innovative opportunities to bring partners together to make a difference in communities. This collaboration with NGA and Clarion Events North America provides a great illustration of how we can work collectively to combine purpose and industry, resulting in giving people a chance at a healthier life!”