Expanding access to healthy food in innovative & nontraditional ways.

Cities around the nation struggle to provide equal access to healthy food. These areas are called food deserts, which are often times business and employment deserts too.
As a result, doctors are seeing an increase in preventable health conditions such as obesity, diabetes, and pre-diabetes.
People Diagnosed with Diabetes
People Diagnosed with Pre-diabetes
Billion in Medical Costs Associated with Diabetes & Pre-diabetes
Youth Diagnosed With Diabetes in 2015

The MATTERbox Solution

Our concept is simple: a box of healthy, shelf-stable meals and nutrition education, helping people take their first steps towards a healthier life.

Healthy Food

It’s no longer just about getting food into our communities. It’s about getting the right kinds of food. Healthy food access and education are a real solution to long-term health problems.

Real Food

Enough with all the substitutes, empty calories, and donated close-date leftovers. People want real, good tasting food… and a bit of dignity.

Food Education

We won’t settle for providing just a person’s “next meal.” We want to provide a platform for their next 100 meals. The MATTERbox is a teaching tool to balance a diet, shop healthy on a budget and create healthy meals.

Active Distribution

Rather than expecting those in need to come to us, we engage community partners to actively bring MATTERbox where it is needed most.

How It Works


Our #1 priority is to provide healthy meals in our MATTERbox. To ensure this, we work with food distributors to purchase select food items at low costs.


Individual and corporate groups pack healthy meals and prepare each MATTERbox for distribution.


We work with community partners who are on the front lines of food insecurity every day to distribute MATTERboxes to those who can benefit most.

Get Involved

Host A MATTERbox Event

Employee engagement & community impact collide as co-workers break out their teamwork skills to pack MATTERboxes. May be conducted at MATTER or mobile to your location.

Host a MATTERbox Event

Conduct A Do-It-Yourself MATTERbox Event

It’s easy to host a MATTERbox event at your own location, resulting in MATTERbox Snack Boxes packed with healthy snacks and nutrition education for a community in need.

Conduct a DIY MATTERbox Event

Become A Community Partner

MATTER works with schools, law enforcement, community programs and other nontraditional partners to distribute MATTERboxes to those who can benefit most.

MATTERbox Partners

MATTERbox in Action

See how the MATTERbox is disrupting the health space and fueling a healthy change in your community.


What people are saying…

“You never know the power of a MATTERbox and how it could be the difference to turn someone’s life around.”

– Kevin Warren, Commissioner of the Big Ten Conference

“The MATTERbox allows us to do our jobs, but also to show love to those who don’t expect it.”

– Police Officer, St Louis Park PD