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Join teamMATTER: Help Kickstart Amazing Projects & Improve Communities

It’s easy to feel discouraged about our world these days. The challenges we face seem to grow greater by the day. But here’s the good news. Where there are great challenges, there are great opportunities. And these opportunities lie in our own hands.  

MATTER is built on the simple belief that you matter. When you believe you matter, your ideas and actions can change the world.  

Collaborating with world changers like you, MATTER has been able to help over 14 million people. And we want to create more opportunities to serve others. So we’re inviting you to join us in a new venture called teamMATTER.

teamMATTER is a passionate and dedicated community of monthly supporters who are helping us kickstart amazing projects to improve communities around the world.

teamMATTER is fueled by people who not only want to see more goodness in our world, but they also understand they have the power to help create it. People like Marwan from Canada. When he began looking for a nonprofit organization to support, he was specifically interested in finding one that went beyond offering temporal aid to one that invested in communities for long-term transformation. Once he found MATTER, his search was over. That was two years ago, and Marwan believes in MATTER’s mission now more than ever, giving monthly as a member of teamMATTER.   

“MATTER is an organization I feel comfortable investing in. I believe in the concept of teaching people to fish instead of giving them fish, and that’s what MATTER is doing. They create sustainable impact in those communities that need it most. Their mission is consistent with my values and how I want my money spent.” 

For Boyd and Valerie Hill of Texas, their support for MATTER was inspired by our good friend, Gene Simmons. As die-hard KISS fans, they had the fortunate opportunity to lunch with Gene in Las Vegas. It was during that lunch that they first heard about MATTER. With Gene’s recommendation, they reached out to our president, Quenton Marty, and from there a great partnership between the Hills and MATTER was born. 

Five years later, the Hills are not only faithful monthly donors, but they’ve collaborated with us to provide nutrition for families in Zambia and traveled to Minnesota to volunteer with MATTER events. 

“We love supporting MATTER’s mission, especially as they help kids here in our country and around the world. Being able to bless a child blesses us. There’s a great sense of personal satisfaction that comes from helping others. And we love the ‘you matter’ message. It’s an important message that everyone needs to hear, especially now.”  

We are excited to build this incredible community of teamMATTER givers and doers – people just like you – who want to make a difference and create a better world. 

As a teamMATTER member, you’ll receive a special welcome gift, exclusive updates and behind-the-scenes reports on our projects. Video updates will give you timely snapshots of the impact your donation is making. We’ll also give you the tools you need to help spread the word about MATTER. 

Will you join teamMATTER by becoming a monthly supporter? Together we can create a world where every single person can live a full and meaningful life. A world where we all matter.  

Join teamMATTER here!

Want to learn more?  MATTER President, Quenton Marty, introduces teamMATTER in this brief video.