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Engaging Employees for Good: Companies Host MATTERbox Packing Events

A new school year has begun. For us here at MATTER, this means more opportunities to come alongside our amazing corporate partners to help them provide healthy food for school children and their families through our MATTERbox packing events, engaging employees for good in their communities.

This week, three of these partners, Cigna, Discover and Target, hosted packing events for their employees. Our MATTERbox Volunteer Kits made it easy for each company to design an event unique to their specific situation. Some were held in person and others were held virtually. By the end of the week, these companies packed tens of thousands of healthy MATTERbox snack packs for their communities.

Cigna’s packing event was part of their Cigna Gives Forward – Week of Volunteerism. Over 200 enthusiastic employees packed more than 7,100 MATTERbox snack packs filled with healthy food, goal cards and personalized notes of encouragement.

“The Cigna team was very excited to support MATTER as part of Cigna Gives Forward – Week of Volunteerism. Over 200 employees gathered virtually to assemble the healthy snacks packs for those in need. They were also able to decide where the items would be donated and many chose local schools, community centers, churches and after-school programs, allowing them to directly impact the communities in which they live and work. We really enjoyed the experience of coming together to give back as well as learn about MATTER and the positive impact they are making across the world. ” Nicky Brown, Charitable Giving & Community Relations

We can’t thank Cigna, Discover and Target enough for their commitment to giving back to their communities. We’re honored to come alongside you all to help you engage your employees in these vital volunteer efforts.

Now is the time for YOUR company to host a MATTERbox packing event! Our team can help you create an event that’s perfect for your employees. It’s an easy and fun way to impact communities nationwide while engaging your employees for good!

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