Donate Real Estate Commission To Charity | Realtors Make a Difference by Donating a Percentage

We all know, it has been a busy season for realtors. As active members of their communities, many real estate professionals feel a responsibility to support one charitable organization, or several, through their sales efforts. In fact, 67% of REALTORS® volunteer monthly and 82% made donations, according to a past National Association of REALTORS®’ Community Aid and Real Estate Report, showing that real estate professionals play a critical role in improving their communities. One possibility is to donate a percentage of your real estate commission to charity. In this article, we will unpack more about this option and how to get started.

Donate A Percentage Of Real Estate Commission To Charity

As a realtor, on either the buying or selling side, you can use a real estate transaction as a way to support important causes in your community. In doing so, you can support one deserving organization or many, by setting aside a percentage of your commission as money for organizations that do good work.

It’s Easy To Donate Commission

While there are many ways for a real estate agent to get involved in the community, it’s easy to donate a percentage of real estate commissions. You can market this opportunity to prospective clients, letting potential clients know that you donate a percentage of your commission to a charity or non-profit organization.

Vet Your Non-Profit or Charity Selection(s)

As part of the process of determining your charitable goals, it is important to fully check each nonprofit you would like to work with to make sure they are a registered nonprofit. You can review their 1099 filings, examine their website, and develop a clear understanding of their mission. You want to ensure that you avoid any charity scams and only make contributions to charities that are going to put the donation to charity to good use. Of course, you could allow the client to select a charity, but that might be risky since they may not properly review or vet them, and could potentially select a fake charity.

Consider Supporting MATTERhouse

One great non-profit option for realtors is to partner with MATTER, a global NGO that does substantial projects both in the United States and around the world. MATTER is a registered charity, and with both domestic and international projects, is sure to resonate with property owners as a place where the commission donation from the sale of their property will do maximum good.

One MATTER realtor partner had this to say about donating commissions to charity, “Gerten Homes Real Estate Services is proud to partner with the non-profit organization, MATTER, to impact and strengthen our community. A portion of every home we sell will go toward MATTER’s mission of launching projects that increase health and nutrition, improve access to healthcare and reimagine education so that everyone has a chance to live a full and meaningful life.”

To learn more about how you can work with MATTER as a non-profit partner for your charity donation program of commission, contact Vicki Bachmann at MATTER or visit our MATTERhouse website.