Build A House For Charity: MATTERhouse

There are many different ways to support nonprofits making a difference in your community and perhaps in another country on the other side of the world. But what if you could help a nonprofit or charitable organization by doing something you are already good at?

Home builders and their suppliers know how to build quality homes that serve as the center of life for people and their families, as well as benefit the entire community. And by simply building a house, a builder can also make a tremendous difference for others.

As a construction volunteer for a nonprofit like Habitat for Humanity, a person might help build or remodel a home as part of a building volunteer program, but the process of building an entire house requires efforts beyond most volunteer’s skill sets. Not so with a builder and their experienced team!

Why Build a House for Charity?

Traditionally, when considering building a house for charity, it might be built to alleviate poverty by providing homes for veterans or for low-income families in a disadvantaged community. While the end result is the same, with a family living in the home, a MATTERhouse is a little different. MATTER works in collaboration with builders, remodelers, subcontractors, and suppliers to build a house through donations or generous discounts on materials and labor. Proceeds from the sale of each MATTERhouse turns into a donation to MATTER to help launch projects that improve communities. So, by building a MATTERhouse, you may be doing good in your own city or in a community halfway around the world. And your impact reaches hundreds, if not thousands, of people.

One builder, Mike Heinzerling of Heartland Homes, who participated in building a MATTERhouse, had this to say, “With the sale of the MATTERhouse, the satisfaction was even greater. Not only am I happy for the new homeowners, I’m also happy for the people that will benefit through the work of MATTER.”

I’m A Builder: How Can I Get Involved With MATTERhouse?

It’s easy to partner with MATTER to make a difference in lives through MATTERhouse building efforts.

One benefit to building a MATTERhouse, unlike a construction volunteer project, is that homes don’t have to be built in a specific location, city, or designated lot. A MATTERhouse can be built anywhere, in countless communities across the United States!

Another benefit to building a MATTERhouse is that a builder can get involved by bringing his or her contractor team together with donated or discounted skilled labor and materials. A builder grows loyalty by engaging the team to give back to the community. Plumbing, electrical, carpentry, painting, masonry, landscaping, flooring, plumbing, sheetrock, insulation, HVAC and other items offered to the builder will increase the profit on the home and grow community impact through MATTER.

Builders can also benefit from leveraging their vendor relationships to receive donated materials like lumber, cement blocks, roofing shingles, drywall, and windows.

Finally, this approach provides a long-term impact opportunity for a builder and suppliers, who can build one MATTERhouse or many, supporting the work of our nonprofit organization.

MATTERhouse: Build a House for Charity, Make a Difference

We invite you to consider joining our effort to build homes for families, that also start projects to improve communities and positively impacts the lives of people, through MATTERhouse. By building or renovating a high-quality home, the donation from the proceeds might feed a hungry family in Minnesota, improve the lives of children in poverty in Chicago, support funding for a MATTER Innovation Hub and its educational efforts in schools in Zimbabwe, or provide the medical equipment that leads to healthier lives and a more healthy community in African countries. For more information or to get involved, contact Vicki Bachmann at MATTER or visit our MATTERhouse website.