“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Nelson Mandela

MATTER is excited to announce our newest initiative: the MATTER Innovation Hub.

This unique, customizable learning center is the result of a collaborative effort between MATTER, Modular Life Solutions, and Jamf, a computer software company specializing in Apple management solutions.

As a portable learning environment, the MATTER Innovation Hub is outfitted with solar power and can be shipped and set up anywhere in the world. Utilizing the latest technology, this 21st century classroom provides engaging and personalized learning for children and adults who otherwise would have limited access to education.

The first Innovation Hub was designed for a school in Haiti and is already serving kids and adults. It has five collaborative workspaces, including an interactive display powered by Apple TV. iPads are available for teachers and students equipped with internet access and educational apps to give students exposure to the same learning materials used by students in developed countries. An education of this caliber will open doors of opportunity previously closed to students in developing countries.

The Innovation Hub has great potential in developed countries as well. In schools with limited space or technology, it provides that extra room for specialized classes that otherwise wouldn’t be available for those students and teachers.

Because the Innovation Hub is fully adaptable to a multitude of situations and a variety of needs, the possibilities for its use are virtually endless. Wherever and however it’s used, the Innovation Hub offers students the quality of education and positive learning environment they need to succeed.

The future is bright for the Innovation Hub. We at MATTER, along with our partners, are excited for the unlimited opportunities that lie ahead to give people a chance at a more meaningful life.

“With a vision to help people live healthy lives next door and around the world, MATTER is the perfect partner for Jamf. MATTER’s enthusiasm for the Innovation Hub, coupled with their experience working across the globe, equips us with the expertise needed to offer a quality technology-enabled education to anyone anywhere.” Dean Hager, CEO, Jamf.