MATTERnation is the word we use to describe the collective effort that makes MATTER’s work possible. Without the support of those who share our vision to create a world where everyone matters, MATTER simply wouldn’t exist. Our work and impact is only possible as a result of the collective efforts of our partners, donors and volunteers.

Over the course of the last three years, more than 11 million people worldwide were given the chance to live healthier lives, thanks to MATTERnation. On this International Volunteer Day, we want to reflect on those volunteers who helped MATTER leverage our resources so that together we could increase access to health for so many people worldwide.

18,851 volunteers have given nearly 30,000 hours of their time to MATTER since 2016.

While the majority of MATTER’s volunteers pack MATTERboxes, (more on that in next week’s blog), many work quietly behind the scenes to help move MATTER’s mission forward in other ways. Volunteers like rancher Eddy Cyphers, who refurbished an old tractor for our Agriculture Program and got so excited about MATTER’s mission, he ended up going to Zimbabwe for several months to help establish MATTER’s first nutrition garden there. He’s back home in the States now, looking for more tractors and equipment to refurbish for future MATTER projects.

Minnesota-based City View Electric has been volunteering its time and resources with MATTER for years, most recently with our office remodel and currently with our MATTERhouse initiative. In 2015, City View helped with a project in Panama by supplying generator and electrical equipment to the local police and fire departments. Not content to stop there, City View even sent some of its employees to Panama to help unload the container and install the electrical equipment to ensure it was working properly.

Todd Nelson, IT Consultant

Not all volunteers work in our programs or for our events. Todd Nelson, an IT consultant, has been volunteering his services since 2014. Having been taught the value of volunteering from a young age and practicing it throughout his life, it wasn’t until Todd saw an ad for an IT volunteer at MATTER that he considered volunteering his IT skills and training.

“Volunteering makes me feel like I am making a difference knowing that I am helping people and companies that help people. I also get to keep my IT skills fresh by using them to solve problems at MATTER.”

Todd’s knowledge of IT issues and his ability to keep MATTER connected is critical to moving our mission forward. Without Todd’s knowledge and skill, we literally couldn’t do what we do! And his willingness to donate his time and talent means MATTER can leverage more of our financial resources into our programs, increasing our impact on more people.

MATTER is grateful for Todd, Eddy, the employees of City View and the thousands of MATTERnation volunteers who have partnered with us to reach 11 million people over these last three years. The selfless giving of your time and resources inspire us here at MATTER to work even harder to improve the lives of people next door and around the world.

Thank you, volunteers! Here’s to even greater collective impact in 2019 and beyond!