Team Building, Strategic Planning & Community Impact Collide

Patterson is a ‘Company that Matters’ who recognizes that the power to make a difference within their community and around the globe is in their own two hands. Patterson leveraged a recent conference to challenge their finance teams to give back in a big way.

In the spirit of new working teams as well as a need for collaboration and strategic planning, Patterson gathered their employees at the Oak Ridge Hotel and Convention Center for a two-day workshop, with the goal to create new cohesive teams.

To top off the first evening, MATTER was brought in to execute a service and team building event. Teams from Patterson competed head to head in multiple ‘MATTERbox packing heats’ putting their teamwork, problem-solving and strategizing skills to the ultimate test. Kicking up the spirit of competition to another level, teams were challenged to adapt to unique challenges such as; using one arm to pack or utilizing an opposing team’s MATTERbox packing plan. Teams worked together and dominated every task thrown their way.

By the end of the event, high heels had been kicked off, suit jackets were removed, and cheeks flushed with energy and excitement. Each employee gave it their all, packing a total of 442 MATTERboxes that will supply over 2,200 healthy meals for families in our local Twin Cities community.


For more information about becoming a ‘Company that Matters’ contact tyler@matter.ngo