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Dear MATTER Friends,

Thank you so much for your longstanding support of MATTER and our global mission to increase access to health, a mission now more critical than ever. Your support allows MATTER staff to rapidly mobilize to respond to the current health challenges with the resources and urgency required in a global crisis of this magnitude. I want to update you on our response so far.



What are we doing?

1. Sending Medical Relief

  • When we learned of the outbreak in Wuhan, China, MATTER sent face masks immediately. And, as the virus hit US soil, we have worked with hospitals, community clinics, first responders, paramedics and fire departments to distribute needed masks and other personal protection supplies. And we will continue to do so.
  • Three containers of hospital equipment and supplies ship this week to hospitals in Zimbabwe and Senegal.


2. Distributing Healthy Meals

  • While MATTERbox Madness and Summer Harvest for Kids have been postponed, we are focusing on sending MATTERboxes to local communities and across the country for those in need of healthy food during this time, including children out of school and seniors who are isolated from the community.
  • Our team quickly created a MATTERbox Snack Pack Kit allowing individuals and families to pack snack packs in their homes during this time and distribute to those in need in their communities. Take Action: MATTERBOX Snack Pack Kits



Given the current magnitude of this situation, we find it necessary to postpone the Gorgui Dieng Foundation Gala, but at the same time, we absolutely need to continue to raise funds to address critical healthcare needs.

This crisis is not yet over, and we need your help to continue addressing the urgent needs in our communities and around the world. Would you please consider making a special contribution to MATTER so we can continue to meet these unprecedented challenges?

Our founders, Dennis and Megan Doyle, responded to the Hurricane Katrina crisis 15 years ago as this organization began its work. Today, they continue to stand behind us in this new crisis and are offering to match $10,000 of contributions toward the coronavirus response efforts.

You can join us in our efforts by making contributions here: DONATE

From all of us here at MATTER, as well as our global partners on the frontlines of this pandemic, thank you for your ongoing support.

– Quenton Marty