You MATTER. Your ideas and actions can change the world. Believe it. We do.

Every $1 donated to MATTER gives the gift of health and hope to someone in need. With your support, we have impacted the lives of more than 10 million people in the past three years alone.
93% of Every Dollar Goes To Programs
$1 Donated Equals $25 In Material Aid
Million Distributed In Resources
Expand Access to Health for 10 Million People by 2021

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7005 Oxford Street
St. Louis Park, MN 55426

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Dedicated Donations

Thank you to donors who have made gifts in honor or in memory of loved ones, supporting MATTER’s mission to move people forward by eliminating barriers to a healthy life.

Marie Campaiolo on behalf of Guy Lamarche
Duane and Lisa Rosburg in memory of Eddy Cyphers
Margaret & James Streich in memory of Bethany Newhouse
Metropolitan Airports Commission Legal Affairs in memory of Magdalen Bethany Newhouse
John Helmberger in memory of Bethany Newhouse
Phil & Kerry Mendenhall in memory & in honor of the well-lived life of Bethany Newhouse
Steve Amundson in honor of Magdalen Bethany Newhouse
Carl Sharperson III in honor of Magdalen Bethany Newhouse
Steve Mahlum in memory of Eric Wade Mahlum
Geoff Byrd in honor of Chris Byrd
Geoff Byrd in honor of Jason Byrd
Ramon Sandigan in honor of Adam Thielen
Joseph Oliaro in honor of Barb Petkus
Karen Knapp in honor of Ilya Tinker
Michael Cline in honor of Larry M.
Gerald & Marilyn Ludwig in memory of Betty Husney
Anonymous in honor of Megan and David Herceg
Anonymous in honor of Dr. Mahmoud Bahmanyar
Anonymous in honor of Frank and Beatrice Straub
James & Judith Brass in memory of Bob Brass
Jason & Erin Brass in memory of Bob Brass
Mike Lee in memory of PD Devers
Jon Snider in honor of the marriage of Amber Janda & Christopher Klein
Pierson Devers in memory of Parenthesis Devers
Mary and Steve Slette in honor of their son, Alex
Steven Mercantel in honor of Karen Mercantel
Alma Nicacio in honor of Ofelia
Mike Frankel in honor of Laila Craveiro
Max Lettenberger in honor of Grandma Barbara
Richard & Sharon Parsons Charitable Fund in honor of Roger & Nancy McCabe
Swithin Stephen in honor of Christy’s birthday
Byron Roseman in honor of Ms. Danna Muir, MA Medical Society
Janna Rolland in honor of Peter Letourneau
Donald Thommes in honor of Kathrin Jansen & Mark Yeager

Dorothy Hale in honor of my sweet 85 year old mother, Mrs. Johnnie Moss, who suffers with Alzheimer’s disease
Marie Campaiolo in honor of Chris Anderson, Tatiana Antoni, Beth & Peter Figari, Paul, Patty, & Kyle Montagni, Sheila Vest and Mary & Charles Taramina
Harlan & Pat Tietz in memory of Jamie Cikanek
Krahmer Farms in memory of Katie Cyphers
Margaret Maloney in honor of Melinda Carpenter
Katherine LaPietra in honor of Mom
Sujatha Pentakota in honor of Pentayyanaidu Pentakota
Kimberlee McCarthy in honor of Rhea McCarthy
Spartan Nash in honor of Lloyd Wortz
Rebecca Campbell in memory of Patricia Jean Rhyne
Susan Vance in memory of Janice Cox
Virginia Plaisance in memory of Barbara Doyle
Stuart Ackerberg in memory of Ninna Patterson
Stuart Ackerberg in memory of Harold Ring
Barbara Koch in memory of B. Brass
Jessie Hawkinson in honor of Jenn & Pete Goddard
Josh Metcalfe in honor of my grandmother Ellen Kjenslee
HealthPartners in honor of Dr. Christopher Tashjian
Anonymous in honor of Sharon and Miles Gordon
Rhonda and Rusty Taylor in honor of Justin St. Clair
Jarrett Hirtz in honor of Donald Raymond Hirtz
Christopher Hahn in honor of Janet Hahn
Katherine LaPietra in honor of Maggie Kunz
Benita Kresser in memory of Misty Mock
Scott & Lesley Thomas in honor of Momar & Aicha Dieng
Abby Henderson in honor of Catelyn Holcomb’s 5th grade graduation
Courtney Herring in honor of Lindsay Yock
Alisa Tschorke in honor of Darlene Tschorke
Sarah Johnson in honor of my husband Brandon
Jonathon Newhouse in honor of Winston Isaiah Newhouse