It was a magical night. At the YOU MATTER Gala on October 3rd, hundreds of MATTER’s sponsors, donors, partners, suppliers and volunteers, came together to do something bigger than we’ve ever done before. The goal for the evening was to raise $500,000 to impact 500,000 lives. Thanks to the generosity of MATTERnation, we surpassed the goal and gave over 588,330 people a chance to live a healthier life!

The impact of this includes mothers who won’t have to give birth on dirt floors again. Babies that will no longer needlessly suffer because of a lack of proper medical care. Young people that will learn to cook nutritious food to give themselves the chance to live longer lives. Children who will now receive a first-class education that can open doors of opportunity to change their lives forever.

You don’t have to be a charity to change the world. MATTERnation proved that true last week and we can’t thank everyone enough!

Held at the stunning McNamara Alumni Center, the evening focused on the three challenges MATTER is addressing in the areas of healthcare, nutrition and education. Featuring informative, compelling speakers and innovative solutions, the Gala showcased the importance of partnerships and collaboration, emphasizing that everyone has a part to play.

As Quenton Marty, MATTER’s President explained in his opening remarks,

“We want to hear from you tonight. YOU MATTER is not just a theme for this Gala or a tagline we’ve added to our organization. We sincerely believe every person matters and has something unique to contribute to make an impact on this world.”

With smartphones in hand, the audience was encouraged to answer a question regarding the greatest strength they personally bring to help solve these challenges. As people texted their answers, a word cloud filled the screen. Empathy. Compassion. Creativity. Finances. Prayer. Love. The words kept coming.

 With no shortage of strengths to take on these giants facing our world today, MATTERnation is poised and ready to find and implement solutions. As one person said at the end of the evening,

“I’m leaving here tonight more energized and encouraged than I’ve been in a long time. Yes, the needs in our world are great, but I was reminded that there are a lot of opportunities out there to make a difference. I was really inspired to do my part!”

Thank you MATTERnation for joining with us to move people forward by eliminating barriers to a healthy life. Over half a million lives will be transformed because of your compassion and generosity! Our thanks, too, to our wonderful sponsors without whom the night would not have been possible.

In the weeks ahead, we’ll feature the global challenges as seen through the eyes of our speakers and the innovative MATTER solutions that are moving more and more people toward healthier, happier and more hopeful lives.

So what strengths can you bring to help us solve these challenges? Partner with us and let’s change the world together!


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