Our YOU MATTER Gala is almost here! On October 3rd, at the stunning McNamara Center, we’ll hear from a few innovative and exciting leaders to help us better understand some of the biggest challenges facing our world today. Collectively, we’ll explore real solutions to increase access to health for people next door and around the world.

One of the inspiring voices we’ll hear from is Chris Cronin. Chris will address the challenge that kids today may have a shorter life expectancy than their parents due to obesity, unhealthy eating habits and physical inactivity.

Chris leads MOBE—an entire organization on a mission to help people enjoy better health and more happiness. MOBE provides one-to-one guidance to help people gain a deep understanding of connections between exercise, sleep, medication, mindset, and nutrition. Every person’s story is unique, and MOBE meets them wherever they are on their health journey.

As MOBE’s CEO, Chris is committed to innovating solutions for population health and partnering with organizations working toward the same effort. The strength of companies joining together to promote better health will have a positive impact on generations to come.

“One of the core principles we focus on is nutrition and we saw the clear tie with what MATTER is doing in trying to help people live healthier and more full lives. So the opportunity to partner with MATTER that has both a local and global footprint was something that appealed to us and we see it as a great synergy between the two organizations.”

Chris’s career has intentionally been about health and serving others. He spent years at Medtronic working to bring novel solutions to people struggling with cardiac and neurologic conditions. While living across the US and in Europe, Chris has challenged the barriers to healthy living in different socioeconomic, health care, and educational environments.

Chris inherently cares about people and has a strong desire to do the right thing—both characteristics that inspire his professional life and his personal life.

Not everyone’s personal life includes multiple Ironman Triathlons, but Chris’s does. And although he doesn’t expect his four children to follow in his footsteps, he does want them to make choices to live healthy lives and have the tools they need. He wants that for everyone.

At MATTER, we do too! Join us for this exciting evening to learn how YOU MATTER in bringing health and hope to people in our world. Register today!