Families from UBS work together to package dinner boxes as a team, bringing healthy food to local families facing food insecurity around the Twin Cities.

The MatterBox couldn’t find its way into the hands of those who need it without the help of many, many other hands along the way. In order for hospitals, police stations, schools and other local partners to receive our innovative healthy food box, Matter engages thousands of volunteers annually in fun, team-building packing events. These events are great for corporate and faith groups, as well as other teams who want to make a difference by providing healthy food in the local community.

On a recent evening more than 50 volunteers from a variety of local UBS branches around the Twin Cities came with their families to the Matter warehouse to package Dinner Boxes. The Dinner Box features a family-style assortment of prepackaged meals, recipes and nutrition information. It is a gift of healthy food for families who are experiencing food insecurity and an important teaching tool on healthy eating.

In a single evening, the volunteers from UBS were able to package 8,080 meals. In just a few hours, and with a lot of energy and fun, pallets of veggies, fruit, whole grains, and raw food was transformed into nutritious, balanced meals to help fill the missing meal gap in Minnesota.

The flexibility, educational material and healthy food packaged inside all provide a basis for hospitals to integrate the MatterBox into programs like diabetes education. Increasingly, it has become clear that diabetes disproportionately affects those living in poverty, and access to healthy food is an increasingly important issue.

And thanks for fantastic volunteers like the UBS team, providing these meals becomes a community-wide effort!

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