Feeding of the 5000

On August 13th, Hope For the Community Food Shelf took on the ambitious goal of tripling their weekly food distribution. The Blaine-based Hope Church typically feeds 1,800 individuals weekly, but, through inspiration from the Biblical story of the Feeding of the 5,000, Reverand Al Goracke wanted to do better to address the needs he sees in his community.

“There’s a lot of elderly people that need extra help, and people that have different physical challenges.” Rev. Goracke says.

Matter stepped up to the plate to help Hope For the Community meet this inspirational goal by providing 8,000 lbs of frozen chicken and 1,250 MatterBoxes to supplement fresh produce provided by Second Harvest Heartland. In a single day, 1,032 families, 3,175 individuals, were given 52,632 pounds of healthy food.


“We like to take risks.” Rev. Al Goracke

Families and individuals waited in their cars and received food from different stations in the church parking lot on the warm summer day. Twice as many volunteers as are needed for the typical weekly distribution were on hand to help make the ng5dF9BmLhIR8PL4awEuw3qbWQXCjydR5QEn2icfxQY,VF318s3qUpURfB-g-toZqh3r2ezIjVXpHAOWkwsJbG4,ZU_5Xay9liN1HG98hOzwcg1fXv_taUjSVzy3ypmO_lc,vKWjQBwWnE-wSVSEqjdhX62UynRaDj1TyzBgpVuH_iIevent go smoothly, and many of those receiving food came to the food shelf for the first time ever.

Matter is excited to partner with groups like Hope For the Community, who’s inspired visions bring healthy food to thousands in our community and help to fill the missing meal gap. Summer time can be especially hard for families facing food insecurity, and opportunists like this can make a huge difference in the lives of our neighbors.

“It was a great day. We helped so many families,” Rev. Goracke said.