We Give Thanks for YOU, teamMATTER

There’s a lot to be thankful for today.
At Matter, we’re a small team of passionate people trying to do mighty things in the world. Our goal over the next three years is to expand access to health for 10 million people around the world. In some places that means literally saving someone’s life because they can, for the first time, access first world healthcare. In other places it might mean a mother can deliver her baby on a hospital bed, instead of the ground. Closer to home, it might mean giving someone in need the gift of a MATTERbox, filled with healthy food, so they can share a meal with loved ones.
All of these situations wouldn’t be possible without the thousands of passionate volunteers, partners and supporters.
Today, on Thanksgiving we are thankful for you teamMATTER! It’s the Companies that Matter, like the Minnesota Vikings who rallied thousands of fans to pack a MATTERboxes to deliver each box to people in our community who may have gone without a Thanksgiving meal. It’s the hundreds of nurses, doctors and health professionals who give their time to sort medical supplies and take those critically needed supplies into some of the hardest to reach places in the world. It’s people like Gene Simmons, Darius Rucker, Gorgui Dieng and a host of others who use their voice as an influence to energize this movement. It’s the thousands of supporters who continually amaze and humble us with their generosity. To see teamMATTER rally together in a movement of people who believe in a world where every single person can live a full and healthy life is truly inspiring.


So from everyone at Matter, Thank you for fueling us in bringing the dream of that world to reality.

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