For those of you who have given a MATTERbox you know the impact goes far beyond the healthy meals inside, it’s a tool to make a connection, open communication, build trust and restore dignity.  The gift of a MATTERbox has the power to make a real change in the course of someone’s life.

Committed to protecting and bringing the city of St. Louis Park together; the SLP Police began keeping a MATTERboxes in the trunks of their squad, to give to those in the community who can benefit most. Here’s how the officers are building community through the simple act of giving a MATTERbox.

Make a Connection

‘On 3 or 4 occasions I have given food to a homeless male with mental illness. Not only was he grateful for the food but it helped build enough rapport that I was able to convince him to let me bring him to the hospital to have his feet checked even though he does not trust the police.’

Open Communication

‘A couple of weeks ago we had a found 2-year-old boy who would not talk to us. After giving him some applesauce and crackers he gladly walked us around his apartment building until we found the apartment he had been left unattended in.’

Build Trust

‘There have been several other times that I have offered food or given a small item here or there, I have given food to 3 or 4 other homeless youth in the community several of them cried when I gave them food.’

Restore Dignity

‘Recently I was at a domestic assault where the victim was strangled. Her abuser leaves her in the apartment with small children and no food. She had only milk for the babies. I gave her the MATTERbox food that I had.’

‘Bottom line is food is an excellent ice breaker and we are seeing people at really critical times. The offer of food builds rapport that people remember and appreciate.’

Get Involved

Matter is partnering with the St. Louis Park Police on Saturday, December 10th, at the Canadian Pacific Holiday Train stop in St. Louis Park at the intersection of Library Lane and West Lake Street. Starting at 3:00pm warm up with hot chocolate and pick up a MATTERbox to give the gift of healthy meals to someone in need this holiday season.