Resounding Joy in Nicaragua

Over the past year, MATTER has worked with partners here at home and around the world on projects large and small. From building hospitals from the ground up to providing local kids with healthy food, we are committed to providing solutions that break down barriers to health.

We recently received the following letter from one of our partners in Matagalpa, Nicaragua, sharing a simple but moving story from the community that received a medical shipment this past year, reinforcing our vision that every single person matters.

Queridos Matter:

Today, I had a moment to stop and reflect on one mother who had written to me about the needs of her son for a wheelchair. A few months back, we were not able to respond to her request, but after we received the container from Matter we were able to respond to this need. This mother was so overjoyed when we communicated to her about the wheelchair that I could not think of anything else except her joy, and now the great joy of her and her child are resounding in my heart. I want that joy to resound in your hearts because it is the work from Matter that makes a difference.

I totally get your name because it is what really matters that makes a difference in the lives of many poor people here in Matagalpa. When I see mothers receive personal care items that came in the container you sent, we all rejoice because here are mothers who never have time to pay attention to their personal care. So many people are finding that little bit of joy knowing that they matter to others.

Thank you, and may you receive this resounding joy that our people are experiencing when they find the items that you send to continue to build their lives. It is not always easy, but together we can keep this work alive with the joy of our people.


Hermana Rebecca Trujillo
Director of Familias Especiales Santa Julia Billiart