Philippines Medical

The Philippine Minnesotan Medical Association (PMMA) is a group that sponsors medical missions to the Philippines. Since 1998, the organization has organized a bi-annual trip, led by Dr. Bernard Quebral, to areas in the region that are in the most need of medical support and services.



In 2014, the PMMA Medical Mission was held in Samar, one of the Southeastern islands of the Philippines. Samar has been an area in great need of medical support, especially after the destruction left by typhoon Haiyan in early November of 2013.

Over the past two and a half years, Matter has partnered with PMMA to help serve their mission. Through our ongoing relationship, PMMA has obtained medical supplies and equipment to help provide medical care. Two containers of over $1.2 million of supplies were shipped at the end of 2013. The containers sent allowed the PMMA to supply the local hospitals and surrounding clinics with equipment needed to address the growing demands for urgent medical attention.


Without the help of our local partners; Allina, Fairview, HCMC and Region Hospital, we would not be able to make such a positive impact in an area of the world that is in a very difficult situation. In addition to medical equipment, we have sent containers full of food, clothing, hygiene products and blankets to the people living in the Philippines.

The work that we’ve helped accomplish in the Philippines is just another example of how we try to use our resourcefulness to make a positive impact in the world. It’s stories and experiences like these that remind us of who we are truly called to serve: the people of this world that are living in scarcity. We look forward to the next opportunity.

Watch this video to see the importance of partnering on a Medical Mission.