Payments for Change – Every Swipe Matters

Persolvent is on a mission to make life easier through innovation and technology. Their new social division, Payments for Change, is taking this to a whole new level. By donating 50% of all processing profits, they connect the business world to the nonprofit world through a sustainable give-back model. This simple act transforms the way companies conduct everyday business into a force for good–making every swipe matter.

‘Payments for Change is an extension of our core value to be charitable – as a family and as a company’ – Persolvent, CEO & Co-Founder

Payments for Change is a Company that Matters to the core. They truly leverage the skills and resources within their own two hands; the ability to help businesses increase profit, boost security and increase technology.

‘I look forward to the day when charities aren’t focused on fundraising in order to be able to live out their mission. Instead, they have the necessary funds because their success is directly linked to the everyday transactions and success of the businesses in their community.’ – General Manager, Payments For Change

To Payments for Change, being a Company that Matters and joining Matter on our mission to expand health access next-door and around the world was a no-brainer.

‘We are a company that Matters and every day we are helping to create more companies that Matter by giving them the opportunity to bring meaning to the way they accept payments from their customers. Not only does partnering with MATTER give us the opportunity to make an impact using our profits, it also gives everyone in our company the opportunity to use our own two hands and be fully involved with the impact we are making.’ – General Manager, Payments For Change

As more companies start conducting business with a purpose and giving back to causes that fit their core values, there is no limit to the amount of good that can be done in the community, and the amount of satisfaction a business can experience in their culture.

‘I look forward to the day when being a Company that Matters is not the exception, but the expectation.’General Manager, Payments For Change

How will your company change the world?
Ashley Bruber