MATTER is a group of problem solvers, innovators, dreamers, and above all, Doers. We’re not content to sit around wishing the world was a better place, we work to make it one. And we do so with the support of an amazing community of volunteers. This small army of faithful Doers wants to see more goodness in our world and believe they have the power to make it happen. Coming alongside us to propel MATTER’s mission forward, these Doers are indispensable to helping us launch projects that improve communities, and we want to thank them for their help during National Volunteer Month. 

One of these dedicated Doers is Lorraine Zachary who volunteers with our international hospital projects.

Lorraine Zachary, far right, with a group of nursing students from Ramsey County Community College.

You only need to spend a short time with Lorraine to know a few important things about her. She’s a real go-getter and a hard worker. Taking her cue from an old John Wayne movie line, “Let’s go, we’re burnin’ daylight!”, Lorraine is no time-waster. She knows life is short and wants hers to count long after she’s gone. Driven by her deep faith in God, she has a fierce love for others and has found her significance in helping those who are among the most disadvantaged in our world.

It’s what led Lorraine to an organization called Real Hope for Haiti where she met and married its founder, Davis “Zach” Zachary nine years ago. Real Hope for Haiti started in 1994 and operates a clinic and a rescue center for severely malnourished children in the rural village of Cazale. After her husband’s health forced them to return to the United States a few years ago, Lorraine began volunteering with MATTER and a beautiful partnership was born.

Working in our warehouse, Lorraine sorts through boxes of donated medical supplies MATTER receives from our hospital partners. It’s not easy work. Most boxes are filled with a jumble of supplies requiring Lorraine to carefully sift through each one to find exactly what our international partners need, things like bandages, sutures, masks, gloves, gowns, and other essential supplies.

A baby being treated at a clinic run by Real Hope for Haiti with some medical supplies Lorraine has provided from MATTER.

While Lorraine is thrilled to help MATTER’s partners, her work also gives her the opportunity to provide medical supplies for Real Hope for Haiti, something that has always been a huge challenge for the ministry. “Getting supplies in Haiti is difficult. Either they’re too expensive or they don’t have what we need, or they’re really poor quality. When I started volunteering at MATTER, they were so generous. They said whatever MATTER’s partners don’t need, I can take for my ministry. And it’s been a game-changer for us. Now, instead of worrying about medical supplies, we can focus on strengthening our existing programs and creating new ones. It’s been a huge blessing.”

After two years, Lorraine has decided it’s time to build a team of other Doers to help her. “If someone is looking to find significance in their life, consider volunteering with MATTER. It’s fun and flexible. You’ll be surrounded by people who are passionate about serving others and are kind, accepting, loving and encouraging. Like me, you’ll soon be part of the MATTER family!”

We can’t thank Lorraine enough for her commitment to making this world a better place. The partnership and friendship that’s grown over these last two years are invaluable. Together, we’ve been able to improve the lives of people from Haiti to Liberia and dozens of countries in between.

Thank you to all of our Doers during National Volunteer Month! If you want to see more goodness in our world and believe you have the power to make it happen, come join Lorraine and all our amazing Doers at MATTER.  Learn more here!