Frequently Asked Volunteer Kit Questions

How do I pack a Snack Pack?

What if my kit is missing key items or they are damaged?

The packing of the kits is done by our generous volunteers. Sometimes counts can be slightly off due to human error. We ask that you work with what you might have available to substitute in a pinch, like an extra Ziploc bag for your snack pack or a Post It for the YOU MATTER note. However, if you are missing large quantities of specific items, please reach out to and she will get you the items you need.

Where do I donate the finished snack packs?

If you are local to the Twin Cities, we recommend you bring your box of completed snack packs to MATTER and we will deliver them to our community partners when they are ready and able to receive the food.

Drop off at MATTER is easy and contact-free. Our vestibule door is open 24 hours with a cart to place your box on. Our address is:
7005 Oxford St.
St. Louis Park, MN 55426

If you are outside of the Twin Cities area, we recommend reaching out to one of the following organizations. Please call ahead to ensure they’re receiving food before dropping off your box.
• Local Missions or Food Shelves
• Churches
• Local branches of Boys and Girls Clubs
• Local branches of YMCA’s Kid Zones
• Hospitals, Fire Stations and First Responders’ Networks
• Local schools, Primarily K-5 and Middle Schools

Last, we also encourage you to keep some snack packs in your car or home to give to whoever you deem in need.

My employer purchased the box on my behalf. I would love to get another one or share with my friends so they can get their own. How can I do that? 
You can go to our website page –  MATTERbox Volunteer Kit – to order the Volunteer Kit.

I really enjoyed this experience. How can I stay involved with MATTER?

Here are ways you can keep in touch with MATTER.
  1. Order another MATTERbox Volunteer Kit or share the experience with others.
  2. Make a onetime donation or become a teamMATTER member with a recurring monthly donation to MATTER.
  3. Add Impact to your Inbox. New project launches, ideas that inspire us, and stories that move us: Subscribe
  4. Volunteer time at our warehouse in St. Louis Park, Minnesota.

Still Have Questions? 
Email us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.