Target MATTERbox Experience

MATTERbox Challenge: Target Edition

“Companies that Matter” recognize, the power to make a difference within their community and around the globe is in their own two hands.

DSC_0424 (1)

DSC_0410In light of recent heartache, loss and tragedy in our community, Target decided to step up and DO SOMETHING. As a “Company that Matters”, Target is committed to investing in their local community, especially when it comes to Health and Wellness. Target Connect, an internal group committed to championing diversity, inclusively and service took a big step to invest hope into the lives of young people in the Twin Cities.

On a recent humid July afternoon, Target employees participated in the MATTERbox Challenge  unspecifiedwith a goal to pack 500 MATTERboxes. Amidst a sea of red shirts and orange MATTERboxes, teams mustered up all the compassion and competition they could to packing over 2500 healthy meals for youth in their Minneapolis community. Working together as a team to efficiently pack MATTERboxes and take on any MATTERbox Challenge Heat Rounds that came their way! Whether Heat Rounds consisted of hopping on one leg or having hands tied behind backs, nothing could deter these passionate employees from their mission to pack 500 MATTERboxes with healthy meals for those who would otherwise go without. When the dust settled, we may have walked away with a MATTERbox Challenge champion, but the real winners were the employees as a group, Target Corp and the entire Twin Cities community.


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Tyler Van Eps

Corporate Development