Global Project & Hospital Partner Initial Contact Form

MATTER's desire is to help all interested organizations by providing the opportunity for a healthier life. However, our resources and capacity to take on new projects are limited as MATTER already has specific focus projects in 20+ countries where we are currently invested.

At any given time, we also have a list of potential projects being reviewed. While MATTER is always looking for new opportunities and partnerships that are a good fit, please keep in mind that we will not be able to consider all applications. Priority will be given to projects that are a good fit within MATTER's strategic plan framework and that can be fully funded.


Please answer all questions a completely as possible and a MATTER team member will follow up with you soon.

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BUDGET - The average value of a container that MATTER ships is $390,000. We are able to provide our partners considerable value because costs are offset by MATTER donors and social enterprise efforts. We can work with budgets as low as $25,000, and regardless of the budget amount we are confident that we can maximize the value for our partners.

Common budget ranges are:

(1) $25,000 - $30,000: container load of mixed medical equipment and supplies; may include hospital beds and other typical/basic items.

(2) $30,000 - $50,000: container may include additional higher-value items such as basic imaging equipment.

(3) $50,000+ budget: required when outfitting a hospital; may include high-tech equipment.

What is the amount of funding you have immediately available to execute this project with MATTER? A dollar amount MUST be entered for your application to be considered.
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Name of the organization whose tax ID / exempt status will be used to obtain the duty-free letter required by customs to clear your shipment without having to pay duties (meaning this entity will be listed as the Consignee on the shipping documents)?
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Please describe your program and how collaborating with MATTER will help achieve your goals.
Below is a sample list of equipment which is typical in a $25,000 project:

1. Sterilizer
2. Otoscope
3. Scales and blood pressure equipment
4. Refrigerator and cooler
5. Microscope
6. EKG
7. Portable Ultrasound
8. 10 Beds and mattresses
9. 10 Exam tables
10. Furniture (patient chairs, desks, waiting room furniture, etc.)
11. 10 Bassinets and cribs
12. Patient monitors
13. Mixed medical supplies (gloves, catheters, gauze, masks, etc.)

Please list the most important medical equipment you hope to receive from MATTER in light of your budget.
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