Dignity Deserves A Fighting Chance


“Impossible is not a declaration. It’s a dare.” – Muhamad Ali

For 28 year-old Slim, the impact of Fighting Chance has reached far beyond his training inside the ring. When Slim started to box at FC, he was floating between temp jobs, unable to secure a steady job. Due to limited support, the proud father of 3 found himself staying on the couches of friends or family who could take him in.

As Slim began consistent training, he was encouraged and supported by the FC coaches. Lessons from the ring sharpened not only his sport, but his self-discipline and drive to succeed.

Nutrition is a key ingredient to a well-rounded athlete and their next winning match. Fighting Chance has MATTERboxes on-hand for athletes to ensure access to healthy meals outside of the gym. Slim was training when the first MATTERbox delivery arrived. Without hesitation, he jumped out of the ring to help unload the boxes.

As he unloaded the boxes he asked what a MATTERbox was and what was inside. When Slim found the MATTERbox was filled with healthy food, he immediately asked when and if he could take a box with him after training. His excitement stemmed not just from the foods inside, but from how a MATTERbox would provide him the ability to contribute, 16 meals, to the family that was currently letting him stay.  The MATTERbox provided healthy meals layered with a sense of dignity for Slim.

Slim is a champion both in and out of the ring. Dedicated to his sport, and through hours of practice, accountability, and self-discipline Slim placed 3rd in The USA Boxing National Championship.

Fighting Chance is effecting positive change in North Minneapolis youth through boxing and physical fitness. Building a community of hopeful and empowered youth who achieve self-discipline, confidence, compassion and respect.

Photo Credit: Twin Birch Studios
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