According to the World Bank and World Health Organization, at least half the world’s population is unable to access essential health services. That translates to millions of parents unable to get proper care for their sick children, millions of families unable to care for the needs of their aging relatives, millions of people needlessly suffering and millions of preventable deaths.

“Without healthcare, how can children reach their full potential? And without a healthy, productive population, how can societies realize their aspirations?” UNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake

MATTER tackles this challenge by providing hospitals with the tools needed to care for the sick and injured, and to do it with the dignity these people deserve. Through the redistribution of medical supplies and equipment, we increase access to health in some of the hardest to reach corners of the world.

Access to Essential Health ServicesPlaces like Afghanistan, where we work in collaboration with The Bayat Foundation, to build the most modern and well-equipped medical facility this war-torn country has seen, providing women and children with life-saving services currently unavailable to them.

Places like Panama, where boats deliver the needed medical equipment and supplies to remote villages and communities. Our partner, Floating Doctors, ensures the people of Panama receive a chance at timely, dignified and quality healthcare, regardless of where they live.

Places like Liberia, one of the poorest countries in Africa, whose healthcare infrastructure has been decimated from years of civil war and the recent Ebola outbreak. Dennis Garsinii, a Liberian native who lives in Minnesota, partners with MATTER to send shipments of medical supplies back to his home country. Dennis recently shared how the most basic of supplies dramatically improve the healthcare experience for both patients and doctor.

“…local midwives and clinicians can now use gloves instead of improvisation of plastic bags; patients no longer have to lie down on bare floors to be examined. Clinicians are now comfortable in attending to their patients because the needed supplies are available.” Dennis Garsinii

Like Liberia, Zimbabwe’s healthcare infrastructure is also in dire need. In an effort to make a greater impact on its healthcare system, MATTER recently committed to a three-year initiative in the country. Focusing on one country over a three-year period allows us to leverage our relationships and resources for a deeper and more sustainable impact. Utilizing our expertise in healthcare and agriculture, MATTER will equip hospitals and clinics around the country while focusing on the intersection of health and nutrition through the creation of hospital nutrition gardens.

From the desert cities of Somalia to the mountainous villages of Ecuador, and everywhere in between, MATTER helps make healthcare accessible to communities around the world. Collaborating with our hospital partners who donate equipment and supplies, and our strategic partners both next door and worldwide, who ensure that people are receiving the dignified care they deserve, we will continue to find innovative ways to deliver health and hope to those who need it most.