Prosperous farmers create prosperous communities.

Providing small-scale farmers in developing countries the tools and education needed to thrive. Through sourcing and repurposing farming equipment in the United States, Matter is able to equip farmers with the mechanical equipment and supplies needed to efficiently sustain and increase their yields and profitability. Through a Farm in the Box, farmers receive equipment in small, modular increments, customized to the size of the operation, crops, soil and weather.

Increase Agricultural Yields

Increase Water Efficiency

Decrease Child Labor

How it Works


We work with NGO’s on ground to identify their goals and create an execution plan.


We source and repurpose farming equipment in the United States customized to the size of the operation, crops, soil and weather.


We coordinate the shipping logistics to ensure safe arrival of each Farm In A Box in the receiving countries’ port.

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For internationally-based NGO’s that staff, manage equipment or provide services related to self-sustainable economic development in communities of small-scale sustenance agriculture.


Set up an informational call or meeting with one of our staff to learn more about the Farm In a Box program.


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Prosperous Farmers Create Prosperous Communities

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